How Old Is Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan’s height, and what is weight? He is one of the famous stunt actors from china. He is a Chinese actor and director. His humor and amazing stunt style made him popular and one of the best actors.

Here we are going to know about his struggle and success story. About his personal life and family. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Jackie Chan Biography

How Old Is Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was born in  Hong Kong on 7 April 1954. His original name is Chan Kong Sang, and his parents were Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, who were refugees from the Chinese. His parents were very poor and need to borrow money for every little need.

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As a child,  his parents called him Pao-Pao as he was an energetic child. As Chan’s parents work for the French Ambassador, so he used to spend much of his time within the grounds of his council residence in the Victoria Peak District.

He attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School in Hong Kong and he failed his parents to withdraw him from there as they were very angry.

Jackie Chan’s parents moved to Australia but when Jackie was six years old he was sent back to Hong Kong to a Strict Boarding School where he was trained in Jingxi, a kind of Martial art.

He learns singing, acrobatics, martial arts, and mime skills. These skills which he was trained in. He launched into a position of Professional tumbling and luckily he get a chance to work as a child artist later he became a stuntman.

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Film Producer Lo Wei was wandering and searching for a successor to Bruce Lee, (the late actor who is a great stuntman also) he was cast in a lackluster kung fu movie. Thus his acting career begins.

How Old Is Jackie Chan? | Height | Weight

How Old Is Jackie Chan

How Old Is Jackie Chan? People wanted to know it curiously as they wanted to know he is still so fit.  So, How Old Is Jackie Chan? Jackie Chan was born on 1954 on 7 April and at present, he is  68 years. How old is Jackie Chan? the most asked question.

Jackie’s height is measured as 5 feet 7 inches, in meters, it is 1.70 m, and in cm, it is 170 cm. His weight is 65 kg which is 143 lbs. His weight may differ according to his diet.

Jackie Chan’s Net Worth And Life Style

Jackie is a 68 years old Chinese decent actor well known for his stunts. He is very popular all over the world. Born in Hong Kong he is now an actor and director and has been earning a very good amount and was counted among the highest-paid actors.

His net worth is recorded as $540 million. He is famous for his Kung-Fu, martial arts, and action movies. He is also famous as he did all his stunts by himself.

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His lifestyle is lavish with his family, he has some of his favorite cars in his garage which we have also seen many times roaming around. Jackie Chan is becoming an all-rounder and was also singing and producing successful albums and had also captured his audience globally.

Jackie Chan Family

His mother’s name was Charlie  Dan Lee-Lee Chan and his father was Charles Dan. Jackie married actress and his girlfriend Joan Lin in 1982. It had been a decade since their marriage and they were living happily with children his daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam and son Jaycee Chan.

Both his children are well-settled in their life and his son is also a well-known actor and singer in Hollywood. Jackie Chan is the most loved actor in Hong Kong. He had done many films more than 150 and he is still his fan’s favorite.

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