How Old Is Danny Duncan & Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth??

How old is Danny Duncan? What is Danny Duncan height and weight? Who is he and what is his work. Danny Duncan is an American actor who is also comedian, content writer and creator and most important a social media influencer. His skateboard and prank videos on YouTube are very popular. In this article let us explore some more facts about his personal and professional life.

Who Is Danny Duncan?

Danny was an American Comedian and actor and social media influencer. he was born in 1992 on 27 July at present Danny Duncan is 29 years old and a very successful Youtuber. Born in Christian family he is well educated family from Englewood, Florida, in US. School he did from Lemon Bay High School in his birth place Florida, US.

How old is Danny Duncan

After completing his graduation, he starts looking for a job and works at Walgreens but he was not got involve in the Job very much so he left it. He starts his own YouTube channel self titled, one of his desire is to become a celebrity and to fulfill his desire he started his career on YouTube. He started making prank videos and making skateboard video that start gaining people attention.

How old is Danny Duncan

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He also joined hands with YouTuber Christopher Chan, He make videos in collaboration with Christopher Chan who seen in many of his videos. He is also popular on other social media platform on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. He become popular and has launched merchandise under Virginity Rocks.

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How Old Is Danny Duncan?

Danny was a very popular social media influencer, a very popular comedian and content creator.He was born in 1992 on 17 July. Danny Duncan’s age as on 2022 is 29 years. His height is 5 feet 8 inches. 173 meters his weight is recorded 68 kg and in pound it is 149 lbs.

Danny Duncan Net Worth, Height Weight And Age

How much money does he made from his YouTube channel? Why his channel is so successful? All these question circulating in the minds of those who also want such success and of course Danny Duncan fan want to know all his secrets. So here we are all set to tell you how much is Danny Duncan net worth. It is estimated to be $2000 from the ads that display on his channel.

Around $29.8 k in a month amazing this is his earning from YouTube only. He also had merchandise named Virginity Rocks which he established in 2017. This brand also growing and bring him much good income.Danny had promising personality he had 5 feet 10 inches and weight is 70 kg a perfect for an actor.

Danny Duncan is a well and good mannered person and had lots of love for his family, this you can see in his YouTube videos. His love for family. His dream of becoming a an actor and become popular is achieved through his good and mastered YouTube videos.

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