Catherine Zeta Jones Wiki, Height, Age, Husband

Catherine Zeta Jones is anWeish actress well known in Hollywood. she is the recipient of many accolades that including Academy Awards, British Academy Awards, and Tony Awards. Her fans are always curious to know about her, so, here we are going to find out some facts about her, her height, weight age, and other aspects of her life.

Catherine Zeta Jones And Her Childhood

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the daughter of David Jones and Patricia she was born in 1969 on 25 September in Swansea, Wales. Her father is the owner of a sweet factory and her mother was a dressmaker. They were of Irish Catholic descent.

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Her birth name was Catherine but she also added her grandmother’s name, Zeta-Jones. This name was of a ship that her grandfather use to sail. She has one older brother and one younger brother David and Lyndon. David Jones was born in 1972 and was a development executive and their younger brother Lynton works in her production company.

She was raised in Mumbles and was sent to Hazel Johnson School of Dance at the tender age of 4. Dumbarton House school she took her further education. In a Bingo competition, they won £100,000 and that was a good amount to pay the fee of her daughter,s dance and ballet lessons.

How old Is Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones age, height, and weight. How old is Catherine Zeta Jones ? This is the most asked question. Catherine Zeta-Jones is 52 years. She still looks so young and fresh due to the diet she follows. Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches quite impressive and her weight is measured at 60 kg and 132 pounds.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s husband Micheal Douglas’s Relationship

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a well-known actress in Hollywood and Micheal Douglas is well known Hollywood American actor and producer. The couple met in 1999 and fell in love although Micheal Douglas is not living with his first wife. There is a huge age gap between the couple for which they are trolled also but it has been a decade since they are living together now.

Their relationship is exceptional and they are setting an example for many to live together despite a huge age gap. Catherine was born in 1969 and Micheal Douglas was born in 1944. There is 24 years age gap between them the couple maintains harmony and love in their relationship.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones in an interview revealed their happily married life secret to WSI Magazine she said there have been many ups and downs but they always maintain harmony and balance in their relationship.

“First of all, we have a lot of fun together,” Zeta-Jones reveals about her marriage to Douglas. “My husband is 25 years older than me; that’s not a secret…. The constant is love and respect. We’ve never, ever lost our sense of humor, and we enjoy each other’s company.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Net Worth

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Welsh actress and is well known for her work. She married Hollywood actor and producer Micheal Douglas. Her net worth which she mostly earned from her acting and movie projects was $150 million and on the other hand, Micheal Douglas who is an actor and producer had a net worth of $300 million.

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