Fan Video Shows Rock’s Emotions During Intense SmackDown

After the SmackDown ended, The Rock, typically portraying a villain, revealed his caring nature to a young fan, transitioning from his dark persona to show compassion once the cameras were off.

After the show, He, still in character, interacted with fans. He softened briefly when he met a young fan, sharing a fist bump. Commending Utah’s turnout, he also playfully taunted the crowd before targeting a fan with a harsh comment.

The Rock Fan Video

He criticized the #WeWantCody movement, calling fans “crybabies,” questioning the story’s logic, and unfavorably comparing Cody to sports teams, suggesting they handle defeat better. He dismissed Cody’s rematch request, showing disdain for his ambitions, and avoided acknowledging Cody’s Royal Rumble victory, undermining his credibility further.

Fan Video Shows Rock's Emotions During Intense SmackDown

Following his SmackDown promo, His clear support for The Bloodline suggests his readiness to aid Reigns in his title defense against Cody Rhodes. The potential alliance may boost Reigns’ dominance, raising suspicions among viewers and wrestlers.

Despite fans supporting Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, some noticed subtle hints of a different agenda. WWE Hall of Famer also expressed doubt due to Rocky’s failure to acknowledge Reigns as The Tribal Chief respectfully. The Rock’s involvement introduces complexity, hinting at potential twists for The Bloodline’s WrestleMania journey.

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