Esmee Rose Wiki, Height, Age, Weight, Bio

Esmee Rose is an American School teacher and also an Instagram star she has a large number of followers on social media.

She gathers attention after being fired from the school teacher’s job.

Keep reading to know more about her and why she got fired from the Job.

Who Is Esmee Rose?

Esmee Rose is an American and also an Instagram star, she was born in 1998 in the USA. Recently she gained lots of media attention as she got fired from Covington High School. This incident made a piece of big news and she got lots of publicity, the school authority did not like it and she got fired from the school.

Esmee Rose’s OnlyFans account where she posted her photos is very bold and most of the students from the school follow her being a teacher this is not found good by the authority of the school.

She had a large following on Twitter Instagram, and even Facebook. Esmee Rose was born into a middle-class family, she is Christian by religion.

Information regarding her family and siblings is unavailable it seems that she never discloses about her family and siblings on any platform and she completely focuses on her career.

No information about her boyfriend is available, but we will update it as soon as we gather any information regarding her family.

Esmee Rose Height, Weight, And Age

Esmee Rose has a very impressive personality her height is 5 feet 9 inches and her weight is 55 kg. According to internet sources, she was born in 1998. the actual date of her birth is not revealed. According to her date of birth, she is 24 years old as of 2022.

Esmee Rose OnlyFans And Other Social Media Platforms

Esmee Rose

The happening of this incident gained her much publicity and also made it a headline on social media since then she has taken up the OnlyFans site as her full-time career. She becomes more popular after this incident.

Instagram teacher, Esmee also shares her hot photos on the social media platform Instagram. She is also very popular on Instagram for sharing her photos in swimsuits and lingerie in addition to this she also promotes some of the fashion brands and she is also an active user on Instagram she also has a large fan following.

She first posted photos in 2020. Her Private Instagram account is esmeeteaches.

She is also an active user of Twitter She joined Twitter in 2020 and in a short period she became very popular there also.

She has thousands of pf followers on Twitter and you can go and watch her hot and sensational pictures and videos that make most people follow her, her photos gather the attention of the people. esmeeteaches is her Twitter handle.

You can also find her on Facebook and TikTok there is no place left, In a very short period because of her photos she became quite popular.

Esmee Rose’s Net Worth

Esmee Rose is an American social media star, what is her net worth? About her net worth, there is no official information from Esmee but research conducted about her earnings by various researchers available on the internet states that she earns an estimated USD 500k from social media platforms. From social media how much she earns is not known.

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