What Is UPSC Full Form and Importance Of UPSC Exam??

UPSC full form is Union Public Service Commission, UPSC is a central agency that is responsible for the exam to recruit the various government official. UPSC is competitive exam and every year Lakhs of candidate form all over the country fill the form for the examination. One of the best post for which most of the candidate compete is the IAS / IPS . Here in this blog we talk about the UPSC which stands for Union Public Service Commission and about the examination and detail about UPSC.

UPSC exams are not at all easy to clear from lakhs of candidate few got lucky to clear the exam. UPSC was established on 1.10. 1926 and it is very commonly called Civil Service Exam. It is one of the top and toughest exam of the country which recruit the highest post with highest responsibility IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS.

What is UPSC Exam? UPSC Full form?

UPSC is an agency under the Government of India that held responsible for conducting the UPSC Exams that is the top exams of the country and also held responsible for the appointment of the selected candidate to the post. All the post or jobs that comes under the UPSC exams are very prestigious position and the jobs are attractive because of the government and the perks enjoyed by the selected candidate.

UPSC takes years of practice and hard work to crack the exam and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Candidate should know all his weakness and plus points so that it will help him further in practicing. Candidate should be smart enough to tackle the exam.

Eligibility For UPSC (UPSC Full Form Union Public Service Commission)

The candidate preparing and wanted to appear in UPSC must be at least 21 of year but not above 32 years for candidate in General Category and for Backward Class or OBC the age limit is 35 years. Age may vary as per the caste reservation. The toughest exam UPSC full form is Union Public Service Commission. UPSC full form Union Public Service Commission.

Number of Attempts by Candidates

Number of attempts vary as per the caste representation. Candidate appearing in General Category can attempt 6 times where as candidate from OBC can make an attempt 9 times for UPSC and SC/ST can make an unlimited attempt up to the age of 37 years of age.

Here SC/ST candidate have the most numbers of attempt to appear in the UPSC Exams. But in case candidate apply for the exam but did not attempt it will not counted as an attempt.

UPSC release Calender

Every year UPSC release the annual Calendar which consist of the dates related to the exams and also dates of notification, date of application and all information related to the exams are marked here. Candidate should have close view and should alway be updated about the exam and all the notifications related to it. Candidate are advice to download the latest calendar from the website.

UPSC release the notification on 12.2.2021 for the CSE (CSE full form is Civil Service Examination). So intersted candidate who wanted to appear for the UPSC can visit the official website of UPSC and get the latest updates and detailed information about the date and application form.

IAS or IPS which is best? What to choose?

IPS (Indian Police Service) and IAS (Indian Administrative Service) both are the best job profile and powerful post. IPS are the most powerful job and respected with attractive salary. IAS and IPS  both jobs are not at all same. Both are very different in nature. UPSC full form (Union Public Service Commission).

IPS  is responsible to maintain law and order in the police department whereas IAS held responsible  to maintain law and order in his district under which many department falls.

Both the services are the best in their own way and have it aura and dignity. Candidate has to select which post or job he has to go with. UPSC full form Union Public Service Commission. UPSC Syllabus


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