What is Lumbago and Its treatment??

Lumbago is basically a lower back joint pain which occurs basically from over working or due to rheumatoid arthritis or other infections, there are many reasons of how Lumbago develops in any individual, many doctors had played an essential role in finding its main reason and the study is still on the go. In other terms it is called a ‘Lower back pain’ as mentioned earlier, some point in life everyone face this problem and is more common in the Western world where industrialization is at peak, and work load is uncountable.

History of Lumbago:

Lumbago was dated back in 1600s, when no proper medication was available, the problem is basically of joint, the lower back joint, in today’s world we don’t actually give importance to such pains but as the person age’s things become worse for them, if not taken care at the early stage it might change into an increased problem which ultimately will last longer than the problem of joint in the early stages.

The existence of Lumbago in 1600s proves the people at time too suffered from this back pain but because their was lack of medication, and degenerative condition such as arthritis.

Cause of Lumbago:

The cause of back pain or Lumbago is not always obvious, their could be many reasons as to why this pain occurs, no science or doctors could tell the real and actual reason of occurrence of Lumbago or the back pain. The structure in the lumbar region or the lower back already bears considerable amount of weight of our body,

This allow a proper movement of our waist, but sometimes this movement is disrupted due leading to inflammation and pain in the region bearing such weight of our body, tendons, ligaments, and muscles act as a supporting system of our body, but due to disruption in the lower area of our body, Lumbago occurs.      Charles law

Symptoms of Lumbago:

This is still unknown as to how does Lumbago occurs or what is the major cause of this pain that ultimately makes people to visit a doctor and medication. Various ways by which we can still detect Lumbago are:

  • The lower back pain is confined to a small area, i.e., the pain does not spread to many portion of the body but is confined to a particular area, pain being constant makes the movement restricted.
  • It pain doesn’t let you do free motions, as the area near the waist becomes so restricted that a person feels so cramping the whole time making daily routine unstable for an individual.
  • Sometimes the pain flow till the buttock and through that to the back portion of thighs making the person feel more unstable due to the continuous pain.
  • It pain do stretch till thighs making inflammations and continuous pain in legs.
  • The upper body is all saved but the portion of the skeleton holding the maximum weight of our body is adversely affected.
  • When a person sneezes or coughs, the pain occurring in the lower back portion doing so can be a sign of Lumbago.

These are the few signs of detecting it in an individual.


Treatment for Lumbago:

Their are various factors on which the treatment of Lumbago depends, factors being person’s age, health, activity level, mental stability, etc. But with the advanced technologies and in the field of science Doctors had put up their full efforts to find out the best treatment for an individual of any age, activity level, etc. and they are as follows.

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers.
  2. Proper regular exercise, YOGA.
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Various regulatory reflexes and gentle reflexes of the body
  5. Physical therapy.
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Surgery, etc.

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