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Warlord games is a series of video games form by Steve Fawkner. In the game role playing elements are mixed with turn based strategy in a fantasy settings. Warlord games series is a pack of four games and two extensions packs. Strategic studies group, Red orb is the publisher of this game series.

Entertainment Ubisoft. First release in 1990 and in 2003 was lasted release. Warlord game platform is DOS, Amiga, Mac OS, Windows. It has warlord Battlecry series as well as Puzzle Quest series. Game play Units, hero’s, cities & diplomacy are the basic form of this game series.

Units of Warlord games

Units are expendable resources in this series, and also produced as well as purchased in many cities. Units are of different different types like – light infantry, elephants, archers. In the series units have various basic properties : distance of movement per turn, upkeep, strength, cost.

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Many of them have special powers to fly, traverse difficult terrain without hindrances, and bonuses to defense or combat. Allies are of special type units only found by hidden temples or searching ruins. Allies has units like – wizard, devils, dragons, archons (angle).

Heroes Warlord games

Hero’s are the main character in the whole series and of unique set of properties as well as with special abilities.

  • Search ruins and hidden tombs

Hero’s are able to fight with enemy, only if they arr able to search ruins and hidden tombs. Then they are rewarded with money, allies, and many more items.

  • Possess items  in Warlord games

Items found in ruins and hidden tomb are if picked up by the hero’s then these items may increases stack combat abilities, players income, & ability to cast spells of those hero’s.

  • Receive and complete a quest

Hero’s may get a quest from chapel. Where completion rewards, money, allies or items. And only one hero at a can be on a quest.

  • Cast spell in Warlord games

Hero’s may gain the capability to cast spell, in the starting of warlord III.

  • Experience points

In the series hero’s are the only units to gain knowledge points by killing the enemy units, winning cities and as well as finishing quest.

Cities in Warlord games

Cities are the main source of new units. Till the four different units can be available in the single city with the ability to buy production to change the available units with others at some initial cost. Also city serves the defence purpose and also the defenders of city enjoy the city bonus, which increases army strength.

warlord games

  • Diplomacy

Diplomacy are regulated by the relations between the players. Players should declare their wars before engaging armies in the battle field.

Battles in Warlord games

Battles in the warlords game are non interactive. Calculating by using the units abilities also several other factors using a practical data are the outcomes of the battles.

Spin – off

• Battlecry Warlord games series –

The game warlord Battlecry is a real time strategy it’s a computer series which was launched in July 2000, for Microsoft window. And also two more series released : warlord II was released in 2002 and warlord III was released in 2004.

• Puzzle Quest Game Series –

This challenging puzzle game series is based on Warlord Universe which was released in 2007, for the play station portable and also for Nintendo DS.

warlord games

Ratings & Review of Warlord games

☆ Ratings –
▪︎ Gameplay 4.5 ☆
▪︎ Controls 4.5 ☆
▪︎ Graphics 4.5 ☆

☆ Reviews –
Of 5 stars
● ☆☆☆☆☆
This is the best turn strategy games. It is easy to to learn and of course it’s challenging. Although there is an option to buy more coins and crafting materials, but it’s not necessary to progress in the game at so far. And also there is no need to wait between battles as compared to others games.

Great game strategy. It has a good time killer. It is fun to fun and controls are very easy n also graphics are pretty good. Fun without any purchases.

Game is awesome. Best things in the game is that you don’t have to pay. Great and challenging strategy.

Finally a game that plays as good as it look on the TV commercial. Love the way each battle is like a little cheese match.

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