TFL planner all details and no 1 explanation

London network responsibility is on TFL planner . Also for many rail networks such as – London overground, TFL rails, Docklands light railways, London Underground. TFL planner was formed on 3 July 2002 by the Greater London authority Act 1999. It is a type of Statutory corporation.

Executive agency within GLA is an legal status of TFL planner . And transport authority is the main purpose. TFL has staff about 28,000. 5 Endeavor square, London, United Kingdom, E20 1JN this is a location of the headquarter of TFL planner.

It’s chairman is a mayor of London his name is Sadiq Khan, also TFL’ s commissioner is Andy Byford. Region that served TFL planner is Greater London. It’s main organs are – London streets, London Rails, London Buses, London overground, crossrail.

On 1st June TFL budget in 2020-2021 they announced that capital investment is reduced by 39% from £1.3bn to £808m, and also on cutting maintenance is caused by 38% to £201m.

History of TFL planner in COVID – 19 pandemic impacts

In 2020 during corona virus(COVID – 19) in all over the world. The TFL’s service was reduced. Night tubes services, overground, Waterloo, and also city lines were suspended from march 20th, and also around 40 tubes stations were shut down on the very same day.
On 22nd April the mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned everyone that that have to pay to staff otherwise Government will defiantly stepped in.

On the may 7th, TFL’s was requested that £2 billion in all over the states aids that services will keep on working till September 2020.

On the 14th may, Government of UK was agreed that £1.6bn to keep running tube also Buses services till September 2020 but only on emergency.

TFL planner on human rights as well as Advertising

In May 2019, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates were banned by TFL because of it’s poor human rights records.

TFL’s has banned advertising in about 11 countries. Also, previously TFL planner has banned advertising in many countries they were – Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia.

Here are some information about How TFL planner organizes lost items

So, there is a proper office for lost items & the office name is the Transport for London lost property office, so property comes into the form all across the TFL planner network and that includes the Underground and the overground. The buses, the docklands light railway but even things like the black cap taxis.

The items which are found in there come through them as well and every day, they are receiving an average around 1,100 items. It’s just never ending, and also it takes more than 50 full time staff to deal with all the items that end up at the lost property office and when an items has been found on the network.

It is stored at the local station or garage for the couple of days and the majority of this items which are reclaimed are done at the front end. Then this items are stored into different categories after that they inputs the details into the computers.

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After which they stores all item safely for 3 months, And then finally the customers can go online to the website of TFL & simply put an inquiry about their items, but, if the customers details like name, address, emails does not match on any of the items the TFL has to contact the owner proactively in any case.

TFL planner

  • Fares

Transports that comes under the controls of TFL and they have their own ticketing and charging for a single fares and also for ticketing, DLR, overground, national rail services, and Underground.

London fares zones

London is divided into eleven fare zones with each and every stations on the London overground, London Underground, and Docklands light railways since 2007. The zones are usually in concentric rings of increasing size from the center of London. They all are in order –

☆Zone 1
☆Zone 2
☆Zone 3
☆Zone 4
☆Zone 5
☆Zone 6
☆Zone 7
☆Zone 8
☆Zone 9, C, G, & W


Tavelcard is a type of system which provides a zonal tickets with validity from 1 day to one year. These ticket are only accepted in DLR, railways, buses, trams, and the Underground. And also they usually provides discounts on many river services.

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