Unilever : A Popular British Company

Unilever is a British Company and holds it headquarter in London,England. One of the largest company who produces soap in the world and also produce its product and sell in more than 190 countries. Famous products includes candies, energy drinks, personal care products ,soft drinks,ice cream cheese etc many more in the list. Under Unilever there are many brands over 400 brands with billions of turnover. Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Marmite, Rexona/Degree, Sunsilk and Surf.

Hindustan Unilever  Limited is an In Indian Consumer goods producing company and had its headquarter in Mumbai, India and it is subsidiary of it which is an Anglo-Dutch Company. Its products fall under three category food, beverages, beauty care and Personal care.

On 2 September 1929 Unilever was established by merging the British soapmaker Lever Brothers and a Dutch margarine producers MargarineUnie.

Unilever shares keeps on falling ,Why?

It shares prices has been falling. If the sales going down that means profit margin is also falling. In 2020 figure of sales shows a fall of 2.4%  clearly shows profit fell down. Last year Unilever profit margin fell down from 10.8% to 16.4%. This is the big reason of why shares values has fallen down. Over the last year the stocks fell down to 15%. Another reason of the shares keeps on going down was the Covid -19 that effect the sales badly.

Brands comes under Unilever

It is one of the biggest company that leads in India with over 20 categories of product. Products includes soap, tea, detergents and shampoo these are the products which are needs of every consumer in India. ACNielsen Brand Equity there are 16 Hindustan Unilever products features. in a survey conducted in 2014.

The most trusted brands that comes under it the top 100 brands are Lux, Surf Excel,Clinic Plus, Rin, Pepsodent,Fair and Lovely,Lakme ,Vim, Sunsilk, Pears ,Vaseline, close up,Wheel, Ponds,Dove.The latest products that are introduced and latest launches are Chinese Noodles,Schezwan and Hot and spicy , Lakme Absolute Sculpt Range, Magnum Choco Cappuccino and Axe Gold Temptation, Lakme Lip Love.

Unilever Food Brands Includes

Annapurna Salt and atta,Brooke Bond tea,Kissan Ketchup , Jams and Juices, Lipton tea, Knor soup, Ice cream Kwality Wall’s Frozen dessert,Modern Breads ready to eat and other bakery items and also Magnum Ice cream.

  • Some Homecare Brands that  comes under Unilever

Wheel Detergent Powder, Cif Cream Cleaner , Domex toilet cleaner,Comford fabric softener liquid. Rin Detergent and also bleach,Vim liquid dish wash, Surf Excel detergent, and Magic Water Saver.

  • Some Personal Care Products Brands

Aviance Beauty Solutions, Axe Deodorant and after shaving creams and gels,Lever Ayush Therapy Ayurvedichealt and personal care, beauty Soap Breeze, Hair products,Clinic plus Shampoo  and oil , anti dandruff shampoo, Close up, Dove Denim Shaving cream, Skin lighting cream Fair and lovely. Lakme Beauty Products, Hamam soap , Lifebuoy soap and hand washes, Liril ,Lux and Pears soap, Pepsodent Ponds Rexona and sunsilk Products. Unilever Pureit Water Purifier.

Unilever Turnover

It is one of the biggest corporation and has sell it product in all over the world. And also gain consumer trust as it is excrellent in quality in consumer goods.It popular products divided into three categories beauty and personal care, foods and refreshments, and home care and all three generate revenue in millions having more than 400 brands. It also provide employment to large number of unemployed.
With large number of consumer the com[any generate millions of revenue with the sale.As we all already discuss about the products that are a daily need of people Unilever has become quite popular.

It trying to make feel good to every cosumer with its variety of goods and services and make life easy and better.In 2020, Unilever announced the amount generated was approximately 50.7 billion euros i less thsn 2.4% less than in a year.

Work for Unilever a great oppurtunity

It is a great place to start your career with more oppurtunies to move forward. It is very supportive and provide a good enviournment to work and learn more. Every year Unilever provide an employment oppurtunies to large numeber of freshers and also provide good and healthy enviournment.

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