“The Seed Of The Sacred Fig,” Wins The Fipresci Award At Cannes

“The Seed of the Sacred Fig” directed by Mohammad Rasoulof took home the Cannes Fipresci Award for a courageous movie.

It was hailed by the International Federation of Film Critics jury as “a courageous story set in modern-day Iran that deals with the conflict between tradition and progress, depicted compellingly and imaginatively.”

The movie was a 2024 record 12-minute standing ovation and a rousing screening before it was named the front-runner for the Palme d’Or.

What Muhammad Rasoulof Said About “The Seed Of The Sacred Fig”?

“The only thing that drove me to make the decision to leave Iran was the desire to continue sharing the stories of my homeland. Really, that was the only thing that drove me.”

“I must continue writing and narrating stories. This does not imply, however, that I have abandoned Iranian tales. Two days ago, Rasoulof told Variety’s Nick Vivarelli, “Iran is still inside me, and I can go on telling Iranian stories and conveying them to the rest of the world.”

He was condemned to eight years in prison for filming a film that challenged the regime; he left Iran and is currently at Cannes.

A signed open letter denouncing “the inhumane treatment of Rasoulof and numerous other independent artists in Iran, who are being severely punished, criminalized and silenced for exercising their artistic freedom” was released by Sandra Hüller, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, Andrew Haigh, Agnieszka Holland, Laura Poitras, and Sean Baker.

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