The Good And The Beautiful beaches in the World

Our world is full of good and beautiful places turn around and see the good and beautiful places where you can spend your vacation with family and friends and enjoy the good and beautiful nature that god has given us in this beautiful world. Here we discuss and tell you about some good and beautiful beaches where you can spend your quality time.

So here are the top 5 good and beautiful beaches.

Krabi Beach Thailand

Bamburgh, Northumberland, England

Boracay White Beach, Philippine

Meeru Island, North Atoll, Maldives

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

So, from these top 5 five beaches which beach do you like the most. we also tell you about some features and activities related to these beaches where you can spend your vacation with family.

The good and the beautiful Krabi Beach Thailand

the good and the beautiful

Krabi beach Thailand is one of the good and beautiful beaches that is present in the mind of every holidaymaker. This Krabi beach can make your vacation memorable.

If you are blessed to view Krabi beach you never missed the stunning coastal areas with limestone cliffs with shining white sand rolling down your foot with off-shores island indefinably adds to the Krabi beach beauty.

One thing I will say is that you will definitely enjoy the beauty of this good beautiful beach and feel like paradise. all because this beach is not always crowded this Krabi beach become one of the favorite destinations of holidaymakers. But beware you will get addicted to these beaches when you reach there and maybe you don’t want to return.

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Bamburgh, Northumberland, England

the good and the beautiful

In the heart of Northumberland, England there is a good and beautiful Bamburgh village. Bamburgh has a beautiful castle which very famous place to visit along there is also a Bamburgh beach which is very good and beautiful.

After visiting the Bamburgh castle you can explore the beautiful Bamburgh beach which is a mile away from the Bamburgh castle. If you like walking walk on the sandy Bamburgh castle beach which is so much satisfying cold water during summer. children love to build the sandcastle and enjoying at the beach.

If you walk in the North direction from Bamburgh beach you will reach the Stag Rocks which is so called because of the white stag painted on the rocks. One interesting fact that you should know about this beach is that the very first lifeboat was also developed here. Romping on the beach enjoy the summer with family.

Boracay White Beach, Philippines

the good and the beautiful

White beach in the Philippines is one of the good and the beautiful beach in the world. Especially it white sand and beautiful view of sunset just take your heart away. One of the best beaches to visit white sand, and crystal clear water this beach is a tourist attraction.

Really a very long beach with shallow water and white sand which keeps on soothing your feet. White beach is always been a tourist attraction and people from all over the world love to visit this place again and again.  

Meeru Island, North Atoll, Maldives

the good and the beautiful

If you have ever gone to Maldives island you would have known about the beauty of this island. Maldives comes in the list of good and beautiful islands that holiday maker wishes to visit. Beaches of the Maldives island are considered to be the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The White sand and blue lagoon take your heart away. Maldives island is a collection of many small islands that lies on Meeru island and on Meeru island the Meeru island resort and spa is the resort on the island where you enjoy with your loved mate.

These Meeru islands are located on the easternmost of North Male Atoll. The Maldives are full of coconut trees you can see them everywhere. Meeru island stretches over 1200 meters long and 350 meters wide.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

the good and the beautiful

This beautiful beach was discovered by Staff Commander EP Bedwell. Whitehaven Beach stretches over 7 km from  Whitsunday Island, Australia. Whitehaven Beach Australia is also one of the good and most beautiful beeches in the world.

In 2008 Beach Challenge State Awards were given to this Whitehaven Queensland beach for Queensland’s cleanest beach. This beach is very popular among visitors because of its clear water and turquoise color water which take your breath away.

local as well as tourist love to swim in this clean water. You also can stay here by booking the National Parks camp facilities and stay at night and enjoy the night view also some visitors also enjoy the BBQ. Love this beach and I won’t visit here again and again.

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