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Gravity Falls wiki. It become very popular comedy series created for Disney Channel and Disney XD. The series begins from 15 July 2015 and had wined up  on 15 February 2016. All about the series are given below. Keep reading the article.

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls Wiki

Gravity Falls a very popular comedy series and it is animated series created by Alex Hirsch for Disney XD and Disney Channel. Voice given By Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal to the adventure of Dipper Pines and his  sister, they were twin.

The series is all about the twins brother and sister and their adventure Dipper Pines and Mabel. Dipper voice is given by Jason Ritter and Mabel voice by Hirsch. The town which is full of creepy and some sort of supernatural; incident happens and this sibling help Stan run The Mystery Shack and also investigate the other mystery happening.

Gravity Falls Wiki

In this article we are going to describe about everything happens with Gravity Fall in detail, Gravity Fall wiki, it starting and ending both.

On 20 November 2015, the second seasons ends and that the show is not cancelled but finished and reach its conclusion. In February 1015 the series ends.

Creator of the series said that he grown up watching animated cartoons like The Simpson then he realize that animation is best and can be more funnier than real action and he also realize that animation is not just for children even adults also like animation. The creator Hirsch is studied from California  Institute of Arts and was appointed as storyboard artist in Cartoon Network. Later he hired for Disney Channel animation series Fish Hooks.

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