Nikola Tesla : Famous For His Invention

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian  American by birth he was physicist, inventor, engineer and best known for his contribution in the morden alternative current AC electricity supply system.

Nikola Tesla Story

Nikola Tesla

Born and raised in the Austria, he studied engineering and physics but he did not have any degree still he had gain a practical knowledge as he works in telephony and at Continental Edison in New electric power industry.

He was emigrated to the US and become naturalized citizen. Edison Machine Works in New York city was a place  where he work for a short period of  time. Later Tesla set up his own laboratories  and a place of experiment but always ran short of funds to carry on with his ideas. He join with the partner who finance and market his ideas.

Nikola Tesla

He earn some amount of money when he patents, licenced by Westinghouse Electric in 1888. He experiment and develop a line of experiment mechanical oscillators, early X-ray and electric discharge tubes. Tesla become famous with his well known inventor. He made wireless communication device, but he ran out of fund his project  Wardenclyffe Tower project unfinished.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla, Company Name In 2003 By Co-Founder Martin Eberhard

In 2003 Martin Eberhard was busy in searching the name for his company of electric car setup which they were about top launched. He search stop at the Tesla as he want thr name to be too different from others. Finally when he was on a trip to Disney Land with his girlfriend, Martin Eberhard come up with idea of Tesla. they both decided the name is perfect.

Some Facts You Don’t Know Nikola Tesla

  1. Nikola Tesla was born in Austrian Empire which is now a part of the Croatia. Before working in for Thomas Edison in 1884,he worked as Telegraph drafter and electrician.
  2. We should all thanks Nikola Tesla about the facilities which we are using today in daily life. Imagine a life without the remote, he is the one who invented remote control, and fluorescent lights, computers, robotics and alternating current these are all the basic facilities we use today but the basic of these inventions are discovered by Tesla.
  3. Tesla always said that his mother was an inventor, Tesla said he was very much inspire by his mother and he gave all the credits of his achievement to her.
  4. Wardenclyffe was long and abandoned Tesla laboratory which will soon become a museum, a non profit organization purchased the long abandoned Wardenclyffe. The place will be converted to a museum and science education center.
  5. Tesla not work for profit that is why he is always ran short of funds despite his success and achievements. He lost the support of Morgan because he felt he could not earn profit from Tesla. His wireless electricity concept did not get any financial help the property was sold to the film company and Tesla tower was destroyed by the US government.
  6. Thanks to the work of Tesla Although Tesla did not able to build his Tower,but his idea of wireless electricity was now achieved and researched at the Energy Department’s National Labs.
  7. Teslas a unit to measure magnetic field named after Nikola Tesla for his contributions, another was the Tesla Motors which is a named after Tesla for his invention of the electric motors.
How did Nikola Tesla died ?

Once in 1937 while crossing a road he was unable to cross and get hurt by a cab in the accident his ribs were broken and he did not consult a doctor due to which his injury was never recovered.

On & January 1943 when tesla died at the age of 86 alone in the hotel room 3327 at Hotel New Yorker , Medical examiner  H.W. Wembley examined the body and declared  that he is died due to coronary thrombosis.

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