Keanu Reeves And Carrie Anne Moss Might Not Seen In The Matrix 5

The first thing that comes to the mind after the announcement of the Matrix 5 that Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss would return to their roles following The Matrix Resurrections. We don’t known about it whether they reprise their role or not.

Keeanu Reeves Reprise His Role As Neo In Matrix 5 Or Not

The Hollywood Reporter disclosed that Warner Bros. has only disclosed about the film’s director. The Wachowski sisters will relinquish their directing roles to World War Z’s Drew Goddard. Lana Wachowski will continue to serve as the project’s executive producer in the interim.

The plot of the Matrix 5 is still not disclosed by the director and also no information about the cast was revealed. We hope to see our favorite actors rprise their role but let see what will happen. It is also not know whether this mpovie is a prequel or a sequel.

If they revealed about the creation of the Matrix then we can make assumption about the return of Keanu Reeves as Neo in Matrix 5. We cross our finger hope to see Keanu as Neo.

Carrie Anne Moss Reprise Her Role As Trinity Or Not In Matrix 5

About Carrie Anne it is also not disclose whether she will be in the Matrix 5 or not. As they previously said that the casting details are still pending. For the time being, THR has only brought to light the following statement made by Jesse Ehrman, president of production at Warner Bros. Motion Pictures which is as follows.

“Drew came to Warner Bros. with a new idea that we all believe would be an incredible way to continue the Matrix world, by both honoring what Lana and Lilly began over 25 years ago and offering a unique perspective based on his own love of the series and characters.” He further said that “The entire team at Warner Bros. Discovery is thrilled for Drew to be making his new Matrix film, adding his vision to the cinematic canon the Wachowskis spent a quarter of a century building here at the studio.”

Expected to significantly expand The Matrix universe, the movie may have new leads and characters. Even though it has not been formally revealed yet, Trinity and Neo could make an appearance or play a major part or not still to be confirmed.

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