Lucien Laviscount Dating Shakira

Recently news came about Shakira and Lucien Laviscount from Emily in Paris movie dating. Shakira and Lucien Laviscount’s dating rumor spreads like a fire. They met while filming one of her music videos.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, “she’s casually seeing him,” and “the chemistry started” when they were shooting the music video for “Punteria,” a song off her most recent album that features Cardi B.

Shakira was “pleasantly surprised by how charming and funny he was,” it is also said that
“Shakira and Lucien have a light playful thing going on and he’s very into her,” a second insider told Us Weekly.

After what has been a “rough year” for the Colombian superstar, the casual relationship couldn’t have arrived at a better time. You may recall that she recently went through a well-publicized tax fraud case and split from her ex-husband Gerard Piqué, with whom she has two sons, Milan, who is eleven, and Sasha, who is nine.

A third insider stated, “But she’s moved on and feels better than ever.”

Pique And Shakira Breakup

Rumors that Pique had cheated on her with his current lover made their breakup anything than amicable.

The former athlete made several quite perplexing remarks regarding the situation, and the singer was equally open about the sacrifices she made to give her ex’s soccer career priority.

He mentioned the alleged cheating in passing in a 2023 interview, saying, “I keep doing what I want.” I hope that I have always done what I wanted when I look back on the day of my death. My goal is to stay true to who I am. I refuse to spend money trying to improve my reputation.” What the heck?

Following allegations that Pique had made xenophobic remarks about his former partner in the previous year, Shakira reassured her followers on Twitter that she is “proud to be Latin American.”

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