Khai Hadid Malik Age, Height, Wiki, Parents

Khai Hadid Malik wiki, bio, age, and parents are all about this famous celebrity kid. Khai is the daughter of Gigi Hadid and has become more popular than her parents. She is cute and adorable. Here in this article have a look at the life of Khai Hadid Malik and her luxurious lifestyle.

We gather information about Khai from various internet sources. Keep reading to know more about Khai Hadid Malik.

Khai Hadid Malik Biography

Khai Hadid Malik is the daughter of an American celebrity. Gigi Hadid and  Zyan Malik, they are well-known international stars. Khai was born on 19 September 2020, in Pennenslyalvia, The United States of America. She was born with dual citizenship from birth. As her parents follow Islam she follows the same and she is from white ethnicity.

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She was just two years old in 2022, Her nickname was given to her by her loved ones. she is cute adorable ad beautiful. When she was one year old her parents celebrated her birthday and posted many beautiful and adorable photos on social media.

Khai Hadid Malik’s Parents

Khai Hadid Malik is a celebrity kid who was born to Gigi Hadid and Zyan Malik. Zyan Malik is a very famous and popular musician and singer and had a large fan following. She belongs to a multiracial ethnicity because her grandparents are Palestinian, Irish, Jordanian, and Islam. At present Gigi and Zya are not together.

Khai Hadid Malik

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The reason for their separation was that her mother accused Zyan of physical harassment. They are not together but still, they take care of their child. They officially divorced in October 2021.

Khai Hadid Malik grandmother is Yolanda Hadid and she also has an aunt who is a model named Bella Hadid and Uncle Anwar Hadid from her mother’s side. Khai also has relatives from her father’s side she has 3 aunts, Waliyha Malik, Doniya Malik, and Safaa Malik.

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Khai father Zyan Malik is a singer and musician, He was born in 1993 as Zyan Javadd Malik in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, He also had large numbers of followers.

Khai Hadid Malik Net Worth

Khai Hadid Malik is a celebrity kid and she need not work as she is too small that her parents had already filled the bank for her. She is lucky to be born into a family of celebrities. She is rich but she does need not to work for learning she has enough for herself. Her mother Gigi Hadid’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. She is a well-established supermodel and star of Hollywood best known for her work in the fashion industry.

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Whereas her father Zyan Malik was a singer and musician, he also belongs to a well-established family and needs no introduction his net worth is recorded as $76 million. Khai’s parents had already had much for their child Khai.

Unknown Facts About Zyan And Gigi’s Daughter Khai
  1. Khai Hadid Malik is the daughter of the famous Gigi Hadid a supermodel and singer Zyan Malik.
  2. Gigi shares a special bond with her daughter Khai.
  3. Khai is from a Multiracial ethnicity she has Palestine, dutch, Jordanian, dutch, English, Irish, and Pakistan Muslim heritage.
  4. Khai’s mother is an American and her father is British which is why she holds the nationality of both countries.
  5. Gigi Hadid and Zyan Malik both have the same tattoo to solidify the family. For which they are also appreciated by their fans.
  6. Khai Hadid Malik’s Face was hardly revealed by her mother.

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