Jimin Plans To Return With “Muse,” His Second Solo Album

Jimin is experiencing inspiration. The member of BTS revealed intentions to release his second solo studio album, Muse, on Monday. A statement from Hybe and BigHit Music describes the record, which is out on July 19, as a record of the artist’s “journey to find the source of his inspiration.”

Jimin’s first full-length solo album, Muse, was released in March 2023, following the release of his first album Face. The lead songs from the album, “Set Me Free Pt. 2” and “Like Crazy,” were co-written by his bandmate RM.

Jimin is still finishing his required military service in South Korea. The musician enlisted in December 2023 along with Jung Kook of BTS. However, he continued to think about his music and his fans even as he started his time as an active-duty soldier. Jimin gave his fans a parting present and a promise for the future with “Closer Than This,” a love letter he released at the end of the year.

The song is filled with allusions to BTS’s career. “Whenever it rains, I’ll remember the times I sang in the rain/Whenever it snows, I’ll cherish how you smiled for me in the snow,” he sings. “On the spring day, we meet again. I’ll tell you everything I couldn’t before. My love, my babe, is forever by your side. Seven equals one, right? Our hearts still beat as one.”

BTS Members Are An Inspiration And His Muse Said By Jimin

He said to Rolling Stone last year, “My members were the people who made it possible for me to start preparing this album.” “Last year, at the [Permission to Dance on Stage] concerts in Las Vegas, I was having emotional difficulties that culminated in [‘Like Crazy.'” As we conversed over beverages, I said to them, “I’m not sure if I’m doing well.” I have no idea what I’m doing. However, the participants affirmed that it’s acceptable to feel that way and that getting lost from time to time is normal. “Why don’t you use music to express these emotions?” they proposed.

He went on: “I met with the producers as soon as I got back to Korea from the States and we got to work on music. I owe my members a huge debt of gratitude for motivating me to begin this record. Although I’m not sure how the song may affect others, I was able to let go of all those lost feelings and go on. I’m really grateful to them since I’m doing great now.”

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