Jet Li Movies, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family

Jet Li famous Chinese actor, producer, and martial artist. He made his debut with The Shaolin Temple, and he is a superstar in China and also an international star.

Well known all over the world for his Wushu Championship. In this article, we give some detail about him which we gathered from various internet sources.

Let’s check about his height, weight, age, wife, and also many more.

Jet Li And His Career In Martial Arts

Jet Li was born in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China 1963 on 26 April, and his real name is Li Lianjie.

He becomes most popular by his stage name Jet Li. He is a well-known name in China as an actor, martial artist, producer, and also a retired Wushu Champion.

He has Singaporean citizenship. He has four siblings Jet Li is the youngest of two girls and two boys.

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Wushu’s talent in him has noticed by his parents when he reached eight at the summer course at his school.

He began his Wushu practice in Beijing with the athletic group during all the china games.

He started training as a member of the wushu team and won 15 gold medals and one silver medal in the Chinese wushu championship.

Jet Li once told in an interview that as a child on the Chinese National Wushu team when he went there to perform for President Richard Nixon in the US.

He was asked by Nixon to be his personal bodyguard for him.

For nine he trained wushu and learn the style of wushu, especially Changquan.

Besides wushu, he also studied other arts including Baguazhang (Eight trigram palm), Xingyiquan (Shape intent fist), and Tang Lang Quan (Praying mantis fist). Taijiquan (Tai chi),  Zuiquan (Drunken fist).

How old is Jet Li at present? He was born in 1963 so, at present, he is 59 years.

Jet Li Personal Life

Jet Li married his co-star in Shaolin Temple and was also a Beijing Wushu Team member Huang Qiuyan in 1987 and also had two beautiful daughters.

But their marriage did not last long and they separated in 1990, Later after 9 years, he married Nina Li Chi, is Hong-Kong based actress he also had two daughters with her as well Jade and jane. He practices Tibetan Buddhism.

In 2004 when Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean earthquake, Jet Li was in the Maldives. Is Jet Li still alive?

It was reported at that time he died due to a tsunami but later it was reported that he only suffered a minor foot injury.

His foot injury was due to a floating piece of furniture when he was taking his daughter to safety. Both of them were at the poolside when the disaster happens.

Jet Li Net Worth

According to various internet sources, Jet Li is one of the most popular Singaporean Film actors, producers, and martial artists.

His estimated net worth is $265 million. He is a very known actor from China and had known all over the world, he is also a Wushu champion and had won 15 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

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We all know he is a great personality today but we don’t know that he actually came from a very poor family and he is the one who never forgets his roots.

AT present he had homes in Hong Kong, Singapore, LA, and Beijing he went to all these places.

He is also known for the good work he did. About 20% of his salary he spends on his good work. He was also appointed as an International Goodwill Ambassador.

Jet Li Movies

Li’s first international debut was as a villain in Lethal Weapon 4 in 1998. In 2000 Romeo Must Die, Unleashed, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Expendables, and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and there are many others on the list.

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