Hunter x Hunter : No. 1 Japanese Popular Manga Series

Hunter x Hunter also known as Hunter Hunter is one of the very popular Japanese manga series that is illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. This manga series was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998. Since 2006 the manga has stop.

The story of manga is about young boy  Gon Freecss, who search and find his father who left him when he was young and his father who left him was actually a licensed professional hunter who is specialized in locating unidentified animal species and also very good in treasure hunting. This boy was fascinated by his fathers work and gone on a journey to become a hunter and finally find his father.

An anime television series based on the story line of the Hunter x Hunter produced and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and Nippon Animation. The anime was telecaste on Fuji Television in 1999 and run till March 2001.

Hunter x Hunter was also translated in Other languages and it released in North America in English Language by Viz Media which aired on Funimation Channel in 2009 and eventually second series aired on Adult Swim’s Toonami in 2016 till June 2019.

Hunter x Hunter was a successful and also a huge financial success it is also one of the best selling manga. Click here to know about Tokyo Ghoul.

 Story of Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a story of a young boy whose father was left him as he was told that his parents left him.His name was  Gon Freecss, His father Ging Freecss was actually alive he got to know from Kite. On Knowing all this the boy left his home on Whale Island  to become a hunter.

He prepare for hunter examination and during exams he makes 3 friends who were also appearing in exam. Gon continuously meets Hisoka who takes an interest in Gon was actually a Trans muter. After hard work Gon and all his friends clear their exams except Killua who fails.

In the story how he found his father was the point. They become Hunters and  start travelling the world and doing many task which is actually dangerous.

Gon meet his father was a heart touching but was not emotional . He met his father with in a room which is full of professional hunters  during an election for 13th chairman election. Gon apologize to his father Ging for few things he does and it was hilarious. and they agree on talking later.

 Their second meeting was on the top of the world tree and their they have a long talk and his father Ging share many of his adventure with him. The anime ended with total of 148 episodes.

Video games on Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a commercially successful manga and anime and on the series a video game is also launched which is also a success.There are around 10 video games that are based on the series Hunter x Hunter these are developed or published by Konami or Bandai. These  are adventurous games launched for PlayStation, Xbox and PlayStation 2. The game also based on the second season was released in 2012.

Difference between 1999 and 2011 Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is quite lengthy series started in 1999 which has total of 62 episodes and one Hunter x Hunter is also released in 2011 which is more longer than the original one and had contains total of 80 episodes.

Success of Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a commercial success and won over critics and audience. The anime series is one of the best anime that is released in Japan and people and children love to watch and enjoy the anime as well as manga also it is full of adventure.


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