How to make Heb careers?? 10 best Heb jobs

Heb careers provide great opportunity. Heb provide for you to make your career at Heb.Heb is an American non governmental organisation chain based supermarket in San Antonio, Texas. Through out U.S in states of Texas Heb has more than 340 stores. They provide jobs to large no. of talented people.

If you have jolly nature and you love to interact with new people Heb jobs are really for you.Heb is the best place to work. Make Heb careers. You will love to help customers find their product.If you think you are just the right choice for the Heb jobs immediately submit your Heb jobs application.

Heb careers is very attractive towards the youth as because their pay is reasonable and attract you to make their Heb careers. As we all know about competition in the career making Rush for Heb careers. They will give you the bed. Heb careers is very attractive.

History and Origin of HEB

Florence Butt was the founder of the company. On 26 November 1905 Florence Butt open the grocery Shop in Kerrville, Texas, He open the shop to best serve the customer. In the year 1919  when Florence Butt youngest son took over the charge of the shop.

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After his struggle to open another shop In the year 1927 he established successfully his second store in Del Rio, Texas. After that the shop was known by his initials that is Heb Howard E Butt.

How to apply for Heb jobs ? Heb careers opportunity

The most important question that ranges in the mind that how to apply for the Heb jobs.So here are some of the important points to note that you must be minimum 16 years or more not less than that.

Heb working hours are from morning 6:00 am to late night 12:00 am, your working hours  depends on the position of your job.Online form for Heb jobs are available on the website you can login and submit your application. Be a Heb person make Heb careers.

While applying tell everything correctly don’t lie and don’t get panic. Attach additional certificate. if you have any Application also ask you about your background so don’t hide anything if you are fair enough you will definitely be short listed.

Positions and salary in HEB job

Heb jobs are for those who love to interact with the customer need and want to serve the customer best.Heb give employment to more than 76,000 people allover Texas and Mexico.They want their employ to serve the customer the best.

Heb hires for two types of job first on the entry level and second on the  management position.

Checker As a Heb careers

As a checker you can earn up to $15 per hour. Checker are the persons  who is responsible to check the entry and exit of the customer and  their bill also.

Customer Service Assistant as a Heb careers

The Customer Service Assistant can earn up to $13 to $ 15 per hour. They are the person who help the customer in their query, they also attends the incoming calls and also returns.


All the stockers can earn up to $12 to $13 per hour. This is the responsibility of the stocker to look that all the shelves are always loaded with the products.

Heb careers


As a Bagger you can earn up to $10 per hour. Bagger are the persons who put the customers thing into the beg and helping customer to reach the car. Sometimes they get tips from the customers also.

Department Clerk as a Heb careers

Department clerk can earn up to $15 to $17  per hour. They are assign to the particular department like grocery department.

Pharmacy Technician as a Heb careers

The Pharmacy Technician help the customer query regarding pharmacy and filling the prescription and can earn up to $17 to $18 per hour.


The Pharmacist can earn up to $140,000 per year. They are person responsible for customer prescription and their inquires regarding insurance.

The Assistant Store Director

The Assistant store Director earn $60,000 per year. They are assistant of the store director and helps assistant director making the report of the profits and loss of the department.

Department Manager

The Department Manager can earn up to $60,000 per year. The Department manager is responsible for his/her department see that it runs smoothly and also help customer in their needs.

Store Director

As a store director you can expect $65,000 to $70,000 per year. As a store director you are responsible for making sure that all the department runs smoothly and fulfilling all the needs of the customer. Some training is also provided to the store director.

What you earn is just depends on the position of your job and in which store you are appointed.

Heb careers

Heb provide you with a great opportunity to establish yourself as Heb employ.The work in which you never got bored always meet and interact with new people.There are many opportunity available from warehouses to store.they provide lots of department to work with even in transportation.

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