Google Scholar : Best Web Engine For Students

Google Scholar is a web engine that provide a freely and simple accessibility of a scholarly literature.You can search article, books, abstracts from the publisher or from the professional societies, big Universities or from the other well known websites.Basically Google Scholar is a search engine that index the text completely.

Released in November 2004 for Beta.Searches includes journals,  conference paper, theses and dissertations and many other technical and scholar literature including patent.

In order to index the article in Google Scholar, there are certain specific criteria. Before the statistical   estimate published in plos one which uses mark and recapture. Around 90% article is published in English. Which article is in need and which article is available easily on the internet.

Some article in Google scholar are paid

There are some article on the Google scholar points you to pay for the full text but COM students get the article completely for free. Google scholar provide direct link which automatically display to the side of the article. If you are not in your campus you need to login your COM Library database.

COM Library Database

A library database is a collection of the data which user search online. it has tons of information from pin to plane about all the articles and all interesting facts and information. Basically all the information which are searchable are stored in the COM library Database.

Some important Features and also specifications

it allow user to search from the ton of information be digital or physical copies search online or search in your library. It index the text fully and also provide preprints theses and reports. It index books journals, some best scholars work

Google Scholar helps students

Google Scholar

A search engine that is what Google Scholar is. It is a tool which helps students can search peer reviewed article as well as patents and article , court opinions. Scholar is a person who have an ocean of knowledge and it is also true for Google scholar a real scholar. This web engine connects UAF rasmuson (University of Alaska Fairbanks) library database for the full article. Students can also make list of the required article accordingly to find easily in future.

In order to search students can simply write the topic in the Google Scholar search box in the same way as done on the Google search engine. Google advanced operation also helps f=refine the topic and can also filter it as per the requirement of the students according to the particular date. Under the Hamburger menu on the left upper side of the screen can also find Advance searches options. Advance searches used for Boolean operators and for refines results by author, publications and ranges of dates.

It does not guarantee full free article, students might have to search a long to get the free article in full. If using scholars in conjunctions it will be a good strategy for accessing full length article.  Scholar can search for full length article for up to 5 article libraries.

:Visit Google Scholar Share it with your students. If any article which is not available students can contact the library and they will provide with the particular article or theses.

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