Famous Characters Of One Punch Man Webcomic

One Punch Man webcomic: It is the story of a superhero who can defeat anyone with his powerful one-punch. One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero Saitama, who is 25 years 25-year-old man with a bold head, He has so much effort that he can defeat anyone who fights with him.

One Punch Man webcomic is created by the artist ONE based on a Japanese superhero. In early 2009 ONE wrote this webcomic version. After 2009 this webcomic became so popular that around 7.9 million hits the screen in 2012.  This webcomic became so popular that it won many awards. The story begins with the millionaire Agoni who creates the Hero Association group to fight the Monster and the villains on the Earth.

Characters of One Punch Man Webcomic

This One Punch Man is a Japanese manga (graphic or comic originating from Japan) series contains which contains no fictional characters it is written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata.


One Punch Man Webcomic

The 25 year young boy named Saitama who is bold has so much strength that he can beat anyone with his one punch. Saitama has no supernatural power like that of Spiderman but he is so powerful that he can fight anyone on Earth and that is why he got bored of his life and he wants to fight someone capable of fighting with him. According to him, he becomes a superhero just for fun.

He follows regular 100 push-ups and sit-ups, eats healthy food, and is not familiar with using an air conditioner and heaters which makes him different from the superhero. Although he has so much strength and he broke all the records of physical strength in the Hero entrance exam still he entered in the lowest C class in the Hero Association because of his worst performance in the aptitude exam. Saitama follower Genos also joined the superhero group so that he could get recognition.


Genos is a 19-year-old cyborg (with both biomes) who becomes a follower of Saitama when he saves him from a mosquito girl. He also took an entrance exam to join the Hero Association and he scored perfect and got in S class. Geno’s life was saved by Saitama and that is why he start considering him his Master and follows him everywhere. Saitama and Genos live together and share a room and sometimes get annoyed with him. Geno’s superhero name in Hero Association is Demon Cyborg.

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S-Class Superheros in One Punch Man Webcomic

S-Class Hero is the highest rank in the Hero Association. The highest scorer is included in this categories also the top scorer of the A class gets a chance to enter this class. This class includes:

Blast: One Punch Man Webcomic

One of the top Superheroes in Hero Association.

Tornado: One Punch Man Webcomic

Tornado is a women superhero with green curly hair.

Bang: One Punch Man Webcomic

Also known as Silverfang martial arts expert comes on rank 3.

There are also many other S-class superheroes like Atomic Samurai, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, and many others.

A-Class Superheros in One Punch Man

This A-Class includes Amai Mask, Snakebite Snek, Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, Lightning Max, Stinger, and many others.

B-Class Superheroes in One Punch Man Webcomic

The next comes B Class Superheros. In this class, if any superhero reaches rank one has a chance to choose to be promoted to A-Class. This A Class includes Tank-Top BlackHole, Blizzard, Blizzard Bunch, and many others.

C-Class Superheroes in One Punch Man Webcomic

This is the lowest rank in the Hero Association. In this class, Saitama is included. Others who are there in this class are Mumen Rider and Tank-Top Tiger.

Villains and Monsters of One Punch Man Webcomic

Villains and Monsters are the main characters because if they are not present there is no need for a superhero. Villains and Monsters here are categories in categories like God, Dragon, Tiger, and Wolf. Some of the villains and monsters are –

Vaccine Man


Fukegao and Marugori


Mosquito Girl

Doctor Genus

Armored Gorilla

Carnage Kabuto

Overall we can say that you will not get bored while watching or reading webcomics. This action comedy will blow your mind. This Japanese webcomic created by One was just awesome.

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