Will Doctor Strange Make A Comeback In Avengers 5

The impending Avengers sequel has been teased by Benedict Cumberbatch, and fans are going crazy over it already. In an interview with Netflix on June 21, 2024, the well-known actor who is most known for playing Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made a suggestion regarding his possible participation in the highly anticipated Avengers 5.

With appearances in blockbuster films like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Cumberbatch has established himself as a key character in the MCU since making his screen debut in 2016’s Doctor Strange. Fans are excited to see where the Avengers 5 film will take their cherished heroes, as the Marvel universe is still in shock from the events of Endgame.

Benedict Cumberbatch Provides An Avengers 5 Update

In a June 21, 2024, interview with Netflix, Benedict Cumberbatch talked about his legendary roles, such as Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes. During this part, Cumberbatch made an unusual comment.

“Since [being cast], our relationship with that [Marvel] has been fairly great. Avengers is brewing up a storm, so I’m really looking forward to it coming out next year.”
His potential return as the sorcerer supreme in Avengers 5 has been much discussed since the comment was made. Additionally, Cumberbatch expressed his sincere gratitude for the role by saying,

Enjoying the opportunity to portray him brings me great joy, but it also gives me a platform to write and produce less commercial stories. He is therefore a blessing in my life as a producer and an actor in countless ways. I adore portraying him. He is a lot of fun.”

The upcoming film Avengers 5, formerly known as Avengers The Kang Dynasty, has generated a lot of interest and intrigue. Marvel Studios has decided to release the film on May 1, 2026, following several production alterations and casting adjustments. The change comes after Jonathan Majors’s exit from the character of Kang owing to legal complications, which caused a significant reworking of the movie’s plot and title.

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