Dexter: Original Sin Cast Revealed Starring Christian Slater And Patrick Gibson

The cast of Dexter: Original Sin, the prequel to Dexter, has been revealed by Paramount+ and Showtime.

In the show, which also stars Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) as Harry Morgan, a homicide detective and Dexter’s adoptive father, and Molly Brown (Senior Year) as Debra Morgan, Dexter’s younger sister, Patrick Gibson (Shadow and Bone) will portray a young Dexter Morgan.

Dexter: Original Sin is set fifteen years before the events of the original Dexter, which ran for eight seasons on Showtime between 2006 and 2013. James Remar as Harry, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra, and Michael C. Hall as Dexter appeared in the original series.

Plot Of Dexter: Original Sin

The new show centers on Dexter (Gibson), a student-turned-revenge-seeking serial killer set in Miami in 1991. Dexter has to learn to control his inner darkness when his ferocious cravings become unbearable. He adopts a code that his father, Harry (Slater), has taught him to assist him in discovering and killing those who should be removed from society without drawing attention from police authorities. As young Dexter starts a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department, this presents a unique challenge, according to the official synopsis.

Showtime Studios and Counterpart Studios are the producers of Dexter: Original Sin. Clyde Phillips is the original showrunner and executive producer.

The show consists of 10 episodes and will air on Paramount and Paramount+.

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