Deadpool & Wolverine First-Day Ticket Sales Set Record

Deadpool & Wolverine, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, is off to a supersized start and has broken records for first-day advance ticket sales for the biggest movie circuits in the nation. The Marvel Studios and 20th Century sequel will have its official North American premiere on July 26 after nighttime previews on July 25. Tickets for the film went on sale on Monday.

Approximately 200,000 movie watchers have already purchased their AMC tickets. “AMC has sold more tickets on its first day than any other R-rated film in history,” the eccentric CEO posted on X, the defunct Twitter platform.

A lot of movie theaters are served by the online ticketing firm Fandango. They also claimed strong first-day sales for Deadpool & Wolverine, calling them the best of 2024 thus far, a franchise best, and the best for an R-rated film.

Although Fandango and AMC did not give cash estimates, insiders told The Hollywood Reporter that if one extrapolates the 200,000 stat Aron referenced, first-day sales are probably between $8 million and $9 million.

Delay In Development Of Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Due To Stricks

Although none of the companies involved have made an official statement, all indications point to Deadpool & Wolverine crossing $100 million in its premiere, an accomplishment no 2024 film has yet to do as domestic box office revenue falls 20% short of 2023, largely because of development delays related to the strikes.

The largest R-rated openings were Deadpool (2012) and Deadpool 2 (2018), with $132.4 million and $125 million, respectively, not accounting for inflation.

Deadpool & Wolverine, which is once again helmed by Shawn Levy, is the continuation of Reynolds’ satirical superhero franchise. Reynolds was instrumental in convincing Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine and co-star in the threequel.

The first R-rated film Marvel and Disney have ever released is this.

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