Central Rock Gym : Best Learning Platform For Rock Climbing

Central Rock Gym is a places where you can experience the climbing rock indoor. Great experience place and friendly staff and very maintain place. The place make you experience of the rock climbing indoor, in short it gave you a training of climbing rock by providing the facilities and safety measures. All about the Central Rock Gym here keep reading.

Membership Types And Their Benefits

They did not charge any start up fee it is free and no contract, you just have to commit to one month membership and for this no cancellation. If you have taken it it will not be cancelled.

Next come is Standard Membership in which you can access to all the location in Central gym which include shoes, chalk, harness which is rental and belay device for 60 days. Charge of membership is $109 per month.

Another is Discounted Membership Which is same as Standard Membership but charges will be $85 per month for 60 days.

Family Membership it include all the access location pf Central Rock Gym it include 2 person. 1. a couple or parents or dependent of children two individual, any additional person can include with $40 a month. It also include rental Harness, belay device and shoes and chalk for $175 per month.

Benefits Of Membership include

Memberships pays if you are coming more tahn 4 times a month. You can climb to unlimited extend and also other locations too. There is also free class on fitness and yoga class, Free rental gear for every member till 60 days. It includes the fun and enjoyment while in the Central Rock Gym.

Central Rock Gym

Central Rock Gym


Central Rock Gym in Cambridge is first gym that introduce the concept of rock Climbing in the place indoor where no risk involve of any kind of accident.  There are  no children who are under 14. there are many climbing space. There is fitness area also which is cardio, Strength and also training equipment like pull up bars, weight, spinner and stairs any many more. There are fitness instructor also who offer us many help and gave us the very valuable information.

The owner of the Central Rock Gym is Brothers ED and Joe Hardy. They love climbing rocks and in order to bring out their love for the rock climbing open the first CRG in 2009 at their hometown Worcester

This gym is the best place to learn the rock climbing as they also gave you training, it is fun spending the time in the gym with the friendly staff who gave you full support in learning the technique of rock climbing. The rock wall is best designs and it is like a piece of art the best top roping, leading and bouldering around, Other than climbing they also have weight training area, exercise area with equipment, yoga and fitness area also. There will be events also.

Before You Go Must Know This

Before you are planning to go to the gym you must be prepare with some of the important things. Firstly you should wear comfortable clothes so that you can move quickly and easily. In order to climb you have to stretch your body a lot wear such types of lose clothes don’t wear jeans it will be uncomfortable. Secondly the most important thing is your nails. If you have long nails trim it otherwise you will be hurt. trimmed nail make it easy to have a grip while climbing rock wall.

Rock Climbing is a good activity for children as well as for adults in short it increase your stamina and also it is a fun sport and inside Gym you are also safe from other things. It is a must place to visit in life time.

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