Why Equal Rights Is Important? Celebrate World Day Of Social Justice 2024

Celebrate World day of social justice 2024 on Tuesday 20 February. Why is social justice necessary to combat daily acts of discrimination, prejudice, and violence? Here you are at the right place to understand the timeline and significance of the World Day of Social Justice.

Equal Rights Are Important For Living A Dignified Life

Equal rights are fundamental rights and it is important for living a dignified life. We should not confine our social justice efforts to a single day, the World Day of Social Justice raises worldwide consciousness to highlight deep-seated difficulties, horrible themes, and scathing challenges.

On this historical day of equal rights, the ‘World Day Of Social Justice’ reminds us how important is social justice for humanity. It is time to remember the importance of social justice, which is inextricably tied to financial security and adequate political representation.

When Was World Day Of Social Justice Recognized?

In 2007 on 26 November, The UN General Assembly UNGA recognized 20 February as a day to celebrate World Day for social justice. This day was first observed in 2007,

In 2024 it falls on a Tuesday, UNGA declared World Day for Social Justice to promote peace and progress among industrialized countries, with a specific emphasis on marginalized groups and third-world countries. Following the comprehensive international summit on the global strategy of social justice in Copenhagen, Denmark, the United Nations reviewed and recognized the event in New York.

The International Labour Rights, topic for 2024 will focus on worker rights and on six global events. The difficulties faced by the working-class and blue-collar Jobs have been identified as critical areas of social justice.

The Right To Live

It is the right of everyone to live a life with dignity and freedom as well as to protect fundamental rights. The United Nations recognized this day to raise awareness about social development and human rights to promote peace and security.

Nobody can reach their full potential without knowing their basic rights and fair chances in education, work, and financial security. Social disparities not only lower genuine capabilities, but they can also have serious implications such as violence or targeted epidemics.

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