China: During Circus Show Handler Was Attacked By Bear

A terrifying incident happened in China during a circus show, the ringmaster was pinned to the ground by a bear that had turned on him.

This is terrifying news from China that a handler was attacked by the Bear. This had happened in China last Tuesday in front of the audience, as reported by the Daily Mail.

What Had Happened In Circus Show?

The show takes place in China where a bear which was handled by his Ringmaster or handler. Everything was going good but the bear was not good or was not in a good mood.

There was also a recording of the video which you can see. During the show when everything was going perfectly. The handler of the bear was attracted by the bear. He was standing with an Asian Black Bear whose name is Xiong Xiong.

The performance was going on and during the performance, the bear decided to tackle one of the artists to the ground. The second man in the video can be seen running in to assist his companion.

Six circus employees rushed and tried to save the performance and with lots of struggle put the bear into the cage. There was no loss as reported by the Chinese Media.

With all this, the audience got disturbed and panicked but the situation was handled by the circus staff.

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