Best PS3 Games : Popular Game of all time

Best PS3 Games of all time. PS3 was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. A home-based video game console PS3 also known as PlayStation 3. PlayStation was first released in Japan on 11 November 2006, after a week on 17 November it was released in North America and later in 2007 in Europe and Australia.

The first to use Blu-ray Disc as a Primary storage medium. PlayStation became so famous among gamers that its maker brought the next PlayStation 2 and later PlayStation 3. PlayStation can be controlled from the handheld console it was the first to do so.

Some of the best PS3 Games that can be played –

Best PS3 Games – Grand  Theft Auto IV and v

The game also known by the name GTA iv released in 2008 and GTA V was released in 2013. An adventurous game published by and developed by Rockstar Games. The Grand Auto Theft was released especially for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008, later it was released for Microsoft Windows. This GTA game became the fastest-selling game and broke all records estimated earning was US$310 million on the very first day and an estimated US$500 in the first week.

Best PS3 Games – Batman: Arkham City

The game was action adventurous which was published by  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by the Rocksteady studio.  The storyline of the game is based on the superhero Batman from  DC comics Batman: Arham City is the sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. In this game the adventure of the Batman fighting and undertaking mission made the gamer lost in the game. One of the best PS3 games ever.

Best PS3 Games – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty was published by Activision. This video game was based on the World War II condition at that time. It was released in 2003 experience the situation at that time of war one of the PS3 games ever. The game was developed by the Infinity Ward after that by Trevarch and Sledgehammer Games. The latest game released was Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in 2020.

Best PS3 Games – BioShock

BioShock game was developed by 2K Boston and 2K Australia and was published by 2K Games. The concept of the game was developed by Ken Levine who was Irrational Creative Lead.  The setup of the game was around 1960. In the game after the airplane crash in the ocean near the bathysphere. The player had to fight enemies. Biostock was released for Ps3 and Xbox.

Uncharted 2:Among Thief

The game series Uncharted was released after the success of the First part. The game was developed by Naughty Dog and was published by Sony Entertainment. The game was released in 2009 for PS3.  They derived inspiration from Marco Polo. The game include the feature of online multiplayer eventually the game become success and best to play on PS3.

LittleBigPlanet 2

This is one of the best puzzle games of all time. The tagline is Play, Create, and Share. The game was developed by Media Molecule and was published by the best Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was a puzzle-based video game. The player can create new content and can also play with other online players.

Assassin’s Creed ii

Assassin’s Creed developed and published by the Ubisoft Montreal using Anvil game engine. One of the best experiences to play the game on PS3.  The game is an action-adventure and open world. The game was based on th struggle of the Assassin who fight for peace and the Templars who also fight for peace but through order and control. The novel Alamut from where the Assassin’s Creed derived the inspiration. Overall one of the best PS3 games.

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