Baby Reindeer Becoming One Of The Most-Liked Shows On Netflix

Netflix’s newest British miniseries about a female stalker and a bartender is quickly gaining popularity at the top of the ratings.

The story of “Baby Reindeer” centers on Donny, an unsuccessful comic who works at a bar and is followed by Martha, a female patron (Jessica Gunning).

She calls Donny (played by Scottish comedian and novelist Richard Gadd) “Baby Reindeer” as she becomes increasingly fixated on him in a darker and worse narrative.

Baby Reindeer Is Based On The True Story

According to Gadd, the miniseries is based on a true tale, and he created it to investigate the effects of unprocessed trauma and to help him process the upsetting experiences he had.

In the four and a half weeks since its release, the series has reportedly been viewed 68 million times globally, according to Netflix.

67.9 million people have viewed the seven-part series since it premiered on April 11; 11.4 million of those views came last week. Views are calculated by dividing the number of hours viewed by the total running time, which is just under four hours in this instance.

That puts it in the ballpark of some of the top 10 English-language series for the streamer.

The US-Polish series “The Witcher” from 2019 is ranked tenth in Netflix‘s Most Popular TV (English) category, with the comedy-horror “Wednesday” at the top.

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