Anger Management Classes : 5 best free Online Anger Management Classes

Anger management classes is complete process of how to reduce a stress that is how to control your anger, how to overcome your anger, Some people are short tempered got angered very easily and out of which they are some times used by others. Anger comes out of frustration, stress and some times out of emotions also.

Define Anger in simple words

In simple words you can say that Anger is very strong feeling that you felt when someone did you wrong or you got misinterpret or you are not getting what you want. It is a feeling that comes out of frustration and sometimes  emotion also.

Anger management is a process where by an angry person tends to learn how to control your anger and manage control your psychological effects that happens out of anger.

Symptoms of Anger (Anger management classes)

You can see the symptoms in the  person who is getting anger. If you know the symptoms you can easily control that person from getting aggressive.  Recognize the symptoms will help you to curb your anger before arousing.You can term that anger happens in two way 1. Internal emotions 2. external emotions.

Internal emotions like when injustice done to you or when you fail in something again and again or out of frustration over something.

External emotions like when you humiliate by someone or when you loss something like property or anything like that.

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Symptoms like Headache, Stomach ache, increased Heart rate, shaking, feeling hot, sweating, feeling sad, getting in depression, anxious, losing your temper etc are some of the symptoms of getting angry.

Free Online Classes for Anger Management

If you are looking for the anger management online classes for free you are at the right place. Free anger management classes online are available where you teach how to deal with you anger and that will increase your anger controlling power. Although anger management classes online are not really very expensive there are many agencies or expert doctors who are providing these anger management courses for free. We are going to tell you about some of the very famous and effective  free anger management classes online. They are as follows


If you ask me about NuHopeCare  i will tell you that this is one of the best online anger management classes online. They give you complete eight hours session for free. They also give you an opportunity to take free assessment before classes begins. They provide free online anger management classes but if you want or require a certificate of completion they will charge $40 fee. If you want to do the course go and register with the site.

Open Path

Open path is also one of the very famous site to assess for free anger management classes. Here you don’t have to register you can assess the promotional content all because they charge a little fee of less than $5  is charged when you take up the full course. And also a little fee is charged when you need certificate of completion. Here certificate cost various according to the hours of the training. Over all good option for free Anger management classes.

Dr. John Schinnerer

One of the expert in anger management. He is also considered the best for his work.You don’t have to register with the site to assess the promotional content you can easily assess this site and read the text and also you can watch the video available on YouTube for help at no cost. There is no certificate of completion for free course  but if you take up the full course you will be charged up to $100.

The Veteran’s Administration

The Veteran’s administration is also one of the best anger management course for free. You just have to click a start your course as per your requirement but note that they provide the course that focus on military because it is designed for them. Its content focus on helping the person who want to self control and also to manage their anger arising out of frustration at any strong feeling. one thing you should know that they also don’t provide you the certificate of completion.

American Psychological Association(APA)

The American Psychological Association is also a good option if you are looking for gathering the information about how you can control your anger and manage it. They provide you with valuable content you can reed in their site. Note one thing that they didn’t provide any anger management classes for free. They just provide you with great text which you can read to gather knowledge from and also their is no certificate of completion. If you want  proper free anger management classes online there are many other options available online.

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