Latest Group discussion topics 2020,Group discussion meaning and tips

Latest Group discussion topics is very necessary for Group discussion. Group discussion involve two words group which means collection of individual people who collect together and discussion is sharing of thoughts and ideas through face to face interaction by group of people is group discussion.

Group discussion improve knowledge and interaction power.Group discussion is conducted by the organisation who want to hire a person on a particular job. Group discussion helps in selecting the best suited person from the group of people selected for group discussion.Latest group discussion topics are given below.

Latest Group discussion topics are here

  1. strength and weakness of Indian village
  2. media impact on society
  3. E-learning is good or bad
  4. Covid-19 impact on environment
  5. voting rights of an literate
  6. is banning Chinese app is helpful
  7. is banning Pakistani artist from India is logical
  8. Beti bachao beti padhao is success
  9. India will be superpower or not
  10. Will Indian economy become $5 trillion economy till 2024?
  11. The benefit of print media over digital media
  12. Wastage of money or pride for India ‘Statue of Unity’
  13. Smart work is better than hard work
  14. Crises in Automobile Industry
  15. Increasing use of electronic vehicle in India
  16. Cricket should be the National game of India
  17. Can Artificial Intelligence be replace by Human Intelligence
  18. Status of woman in India
  19. Jet Airways Crises
  20. Is India prepared for covid-19 outbreak ?
  21. higher Education in India
  22. Plastic should be ban or not
  23. NRC (National Register of Citizen) advantages and disadvantages
  24. Is growing uses of Internet reduce creativity?
  25. Is Mgnrega is advantage or disadvantage for rural people
  26. Was monetization necessary?
  27. Modernization of armed forces
  28. Should Aadhaar become mandatory?
  29. love marriage or arrange marriage
  30. Richer should be taxed more as compare to middle class.

Who holds a group discussion?

Group discussion is also called ‘GD’.It is very conman and popular method used by many organisation like school, business firms, company etc.It is best way to see check the communication skill, confidence level, leadership quality, problem solving skill and quick answering. Group discussion is a process of short listing the recruitment.

Group discussion topics

Types of Group discussion

There are basically three type s of group discussion  case based, controversial  and abstract topic

  • Case based topics. The case based are those gives real life situation.
  • Controversial Topics. Controversial topics are those which are  argumentative in nature.
  • Abstract Topics. Abstract topics are those which are about intangible things.
How group discussion takes place ??

A group is formed in each group 7 to 12 members are there (no. of member may vary according to the organisation) and they are given the topics or situation and then they are given some time to think over it or they can make note of.

Group discussion topics

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After that they ask to discuss over it in the group for some time say 20 minutes to 1 hours(this time also may vary according to the organisation). A close monitor is done over the candidates to look after what each candidate is doing and saying. Their confidence level and there knowledge over the topic was closely watched by the Moderator.

Points which are kept in mind while group discussion topics

1.Maintain eye contact while talking

2.never show your weakness

3.let others also speak and listen to them as well

4.speak sensibly and clearly

5 Dress smartly and don’t be overconfident

You can get the latest group discussion topics of 2020 in our blog and you get very valuable and reliable group discussion topics as well.We help you in getting the successful in these Group discussion topics. In addition to these Group discussions topics which is prepared by the expert you will get more group discussion topics on our coming blog.

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