AC Milan: A Famous Football Club In Italy

AC Milan stands for Associaziamo Calcio Milan popularly known as Ac Milan. It is a football club in Milan Italy which was built in 1899. The club is the most popular and wealthy in Italy and also in world football. AC Milan is also a founding member of the now-defunct G14 group.


The club was founded by Milan football club and Cricket club in 1899 by Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin. !6 December is celebrated as Founders day by the club but it was founded before that day but the exact date was unknown. The club write the spelling of Milan as in English the city’s name as opposed to the Italian spelling. In 1901 Milan first, win the Italian Championship.

One of the very popular football clubs and people love to watch matches over there. It is also the oldest football club and many players every year joined they’re for playing. The club has given many good players to the country.

History Related To Milan

AC Milan

The club was founded by Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpon who is an English expatriate. Earlier the name of the club is it Foot-Ball and Cricket Club. 16 December every year is celebrated as founders day. The Club retained its English spelling in honour of its origin as English. It won its first Italian Trophy in 1901 and also continue winning two successions in 1906 and 1907. 

In the year 1908, the club was split into two the other Milan team formed F.C. International Milano the reason behind this was disagreement over the signing of players. It wasn’t able to win any championships until 1950 and 1951. But during the later 1950s time, the club retain its position and come to the top and become the best Italian football club.

The honour of A C Milan Football Club

In Italy, it has become the most successful football club. It has won many outstanding honours domestically and Internationally as well. The club was permanently allowed to put a shirt with a multiple-winner badge on it as because it won more than 5 European Cups.

Domestic Honour receive 

AC Milan

SERIE A 18 times in 1901, 1906, 1907, 1950–51, 1954–55, 1956–57, 1958–59, 1961–62, 1967–68, 1978–79, 1987–88, 1991–92, 1992–93, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1998–99, 2003–04, 2010–11

SERIA B 2 times  in 1980–81, 1982–83

Coppa Italia 3 times 1966–67, 1971–72, 1972–73, 1976–77, 2002–03

Supercoppa Italiana total 7 times 1988, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2004, 2011, 2016

Continent Honour receive 

European Cup / UEFA Champions League won 7 times 1962–63, 1968–69, 1988–89, 1989–90, 1993–94, 2002–03, 2006–07

European Cup Winners’ Cup won 2 times  1967–68, 1972–73

European Super Cup / UEFA Super Cup made a record in this super cup and won 5 times in  1989, 1990, 1994, 2003, and 2007.

Worldwide honour received by A C Milan

International cup won 3 times with record break in 1969,1989,1990

FIFA Club World Cup was won by it 1 time in 2007

AC Milan become a company

AC Milan

It becomes a subsidiary of Rossoneri sport Investment Luxembourg, and the company acquire 99.92973% shares of Fininvest. Li Yonghong became the new chairman and Marco Fassone become CEO. The other Board of directors were Roberto Cappelli, David Han Li, Lu Bo, Marco Patuano, Paolo Scaroni and Xu Renshuo.

Milan Football Club is a very reputable and old institute it had given many great players.

We will be a team of devils is the slogan of the football club. Their slogan has become really popular in Italy and also in many parts of the world. The full slogan is “We will be a team of devils, Our colours will be red and black like the fear we invoke in our opponents.”

At present, its manager is Stefano Pioli born in 1965 on 25 October. He was also a former football player and played as a defender. In Serie A he is the head coach.

When the club was established and at present, there are a lot of transformations this club has seen many ups and downs and still standing in its reputed position and doing a great job in promoting football.

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