What is Plaster of Paris and Its uses??

Plaster of Paris(POP) is a fine white powder kind of substance that is found near Paris. This white powder is gypsum powder which is calcium sulfate hemihydrate. It mix with water to form a paste and harden when dries and it is called Plaster of Paris because it is found in abundance near Paris.

Some of the Plaster of Paris uses

  1. It is used to make ceiling decoration designs. Now a days decoration of ceiling out of POP is common.

2. It is also used to make many decorative things.

3. It is also used in giving finishing touches to the building.

4. POP is also used in orthopedics in order to cure the fracture.

5. POP is also used in Fresco painting because of it quality of not shrinking and sunk in water.

6. It is also used to make the idols of God.

7. One of the use of POP is it that it is fire resistance that is why it is used to cover the wood and metal things to avoid any accident.

8. Also used to make teeth moulds by dentist.  Shamisen


Plaster of Paris

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum in chemistry is know by calcium sulphate dihydrate, It is compose of calcium sulphate and water. Gypsum can be mixed with water and it takes it rock form again.

POP generally made from gypsum but gypsum is not plaster of Paris. Gypsum cannot be moulded and take a shape but plaster of Paris has the quality of moulded and gave different shape when moistened. Gypsum occur naturally but Plaster of Paris is fine white material which is manufactured.

Uses of gypsum

  1. Gypsum has binding abilies that is why it is found in toothpaste.

2. Gypsum is also used in making Plaster of Paris

3. It is also used in manufacturing of wallboard.

4. It is also used in cement.

5. Gypsum is also used in construction of building.

Gypsum and Plaster of Paris similarities

There are many similarity among the gypsum and plaster of Paris. Gypsum is natural occurring minerals where as plaster of Paris is manufactured by using gypsum. Gypsum board is factory made.both the minerals are light in weight and both the minerals are fire resistance and heat insulated and that is why it becomes people’s first choice. Especially fall ceiling design are in demand.

If you are also planning for installation of false ceiling here are some of the suggestion for you all. Gypsum boards come in ready to install form and prefabricated form. You just have to screw it up in metal frame and fixed it. You should confirm that your metal frame should be of good quality and rust proof so that it has long durability.

Advantage and disadvantages of using gypsum

Gypsum is already finished and need to just put in place. It is time saving and neat and clean method of installation but by the time cracks and joints can been seen and ceiling has to be broken down if repair. in case gypsum ceiling absorb moisture it may happen to fungal growth so it is necessary to select good quality of gypsum board.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Plaster of Paris

As compare to gypsum, pop is lengthy process of installation. Pop is available in market in form of fine white powder and on the site where you have to install ceiling have to mix water and form a paste of it then moulded in shapes and let it dries and then put on the pop ceiling design.

It takes time and involve mechanical strength. But its durabilty is much longer as compare to the gypsum and it doesn’t show the cracks and it is smooth and fining is also very fine it is much time taking but its result is very fruitful and it is much cheaper as compare to the gypsum.

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