Rob Edwards Expressed Gratitude For Jurgen Klopp’s High Praise

Luton Boss Rob Edwards expressed gratitude for Jurgen Klopp’s high praise, calling it “humbling” and describing Jurgen Klopp as “insane” for his kind words.

Rob Edwards, the manager of Luton, called as compliments he and his players received from Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp last week and called them “humbling.”

What Rob Edwards Has Accomplished With The Hatters This Season?

The 56-year-old German, who is in his final season with the Reds, was talking about what Rob Edwards has accomplished with the Hatters this season, before the Premier League match at Anfield, which Town led until the early stages of the second half before losing 4-1. Edwards turned the team, which many believed would be relegation certainties, into one that, with 13 games remaining, has a realistic chance of staying up. About his efforts after being promoted to the Premier League, Klopp has previously stated: “The work Rob is doing there is insane.”

He further said, “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a club with the number of points they had at the start of the season make such a footballing growth; I’m not sure it’s really respected enough. You witnessed a fantastic Luton game when Man United was playing. Even though they lost, the game was amazing. They made a fairly wild spike in possession times over the season. Excellent players, undoubtedly the best trained.”

Cup and FIFA Club World Cup at the weekend when beating Chelsea 1-0 in extra time, was hugely pleasing for Edwards, who said: “It’s really nice, obviously it was very humbling. It’s a team effort, I never want to try and take that praise myself. It is very nice and it’s good because I think it’s recognition for the players as well, and the job that they’re doing. It’s really good for the football club, as when someone like that whose opinion is going to be very valid and very well respected, it’s quite nice. There were obviously a lot of opinions on us early on and then for someone like him to say some of that stuff about our players and the work that the staff are doing, it’s nice for us, it’s good.”

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