Prince William Attends BAFTA Awards In London

It was a Sunday BAFTA Awards night that was attended by Prince William in London. Prince opted for the solo night out at the Royal Festival Hall in London for the BAFTA Awards.

Prince William has been the President of the British Film Academy and Television Arts since 2010, Every year he attends award shows and also celebrates the best films of the year.

BAFTA is one of the top awards like the Oscars Awards for the entertainment industry. Asa presents he attends all the awards shows, and his presence doubles the enjoyment and celebration of the winners.

British actor David Tennant hosted the BAFTA Awards on Sunday, You can watch the show live on BBC One at 2 p.m.

Prince William Attends The Awards Show Every Year

Prince William Attends BAFTA Awards In London

This year Prince Willian attended the BAFTA alone, but last we also saw the Prince with his wife, Catherine who was Princess of Wales in the past. Catherine is also named as Kate.

Catherine is not seen in public because she has undergone abdominal surgery. She kept out of the spotlight for several months from her own public royal responsibilities.

The heir has been adjusting to a partial return to his public role following a three-week hiatus to care for his wife and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The Prince of Wales attended the lavish ceremony.

There was a written statement that stated that Catherine would resume her public duties as a Princess in April.

He returned to royal responsibilities earlier this month. earlier this month, when his father, King Charles III, was treated for cancer.

On February 6, Buckingham Palace reported that King Charles III had been diagnosed with an unidentified type of cancer following a surgical operation for an enlarged prostate at a London hospital last month.

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