Popular Anime Series Tokyo Revengers Review

Tokyo Revengers review is a Japanese manga series by Ken Wakui. The series was favorites of many all over the world. By the release of the series it has created an increase fan list. In this article we disclose all about the manga series season 1 and also about season 2 release date.keep reading.

Tokyo Revengers Season 1

Tokyo Revengers serialized in March 2017 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shouen Magazine.In July 2021 it was released in animation series in Japan. It had sold more than 50 millions of manga copies and it is very popular and won many awards also. It had been adapted in anime by Liden Films and first aired in April and run till September 2021.

After the success of the season 1 series maker are thinking over the second season and it had been confirmed by the makers.

Tokyo Revengers Review

The series is a fun watching enjoying as anime is always good but when we talk about this manga series it is worth watching as it is simple fun and great work also music is very good make you feel excited and sometimes shocked and thrilled. The story line is also very attracting and amazing to watch. n IMDb it rating is 8.5 out of 10. Overall a good anime to watch.

Release Date Season 2

Season 2 release date is not disclose but it is said that it may release in mid of 2022. The first season is very much popular and you can call a successful as fans of the Tokyo Revengers are waiting eagerly for season 2 release and it seems that it will not take much time in release the second season. Viewers will definitely be witnessing season 2 this year.

Season 2 Story Line

In season 2 Takemichi whom you also know from season 1 was a 26 year old boy found that his girlfriend who is his ex girlfriend named Hinata Tachibana and her brother was slaughtered by some gang members in Japan. The boy become very sad and the news upset him but he send back 12 years where he has a chance to change everything.

He want to use this opportunity that was avail to him and he warn his girlfriend who was alive at that point of time. The boy had an opportunity to go back 12 years and do everything possible to happening of any event by the gang. Second season will continue from where you seen the end of the season one. Takemichi is not dead in next season.

Tokyo Revengers Is Available On Netflix

Tokyo Revengers one of the best manga anime series running on Netflix but only in Japan. If you are from outside of Japan you will not be able to watch this particular or any of the manga anime series that release only in Japan. Netflix uses the geo blocks technique.

If you are manga anime series lover and want to watch those popular manga series you can do by the help of VPN. Let me tell you that useing of VPN service is legal and with the help of VPN you can mask you location to Japan and unblock the manga anime series to watch. You can also add English subtitles and watch the anime as because it is available in Japanese language only.There is a possibilities that some of the anime will release in India but when it is not mentioned so for now you can use the VPN service.

In Japan people love to watch the anime there are many popular anime released in Japan saw ell as other countries. Watching mange anime series is getting more and more popular and most of the people of all age groups like to watch the anime.

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