Oppenheimer Set A Record With $954 Million In Box Office Revenue Worldwide

One of the most popular biopics ever, “Oppenheimer” directed by Christopher Nolan is still going strong over seven months after its theatrical debut. Nielsen reports that in its first week of Peacock streaming, the movie saw 821 million hours of viewing. That is amazing.

The biopic Oppenheimer set a record with $954 million in box office revenue worldwide, and it performed exceptionally well on premium video on demand and Blu-Ray. Peacock had earlier revealed that “Oppenheimer” had become the most-watched film in the history of the NBCUniversal streaming service during its first weekend of release on February 16. These new figures follow that announcement.

Citing Nielsen data, the platform also claimed that “Oppenheimer” was the most-watched movie on all streaming platforms from February 16 to February 22 in terms of both reach and hours viewed.
Oppenheimer is a front-runner for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, so Peacock released it last month with several featurettes about the film’s production in an attempt to capitalize on the buzz around it.

Oppenheimer Is Available On Streaming Services More Than Six Months After It Opened In Theaters

Nolan movies including Inception, Interstellar, and the Dark Knight trilogy are all available on the site.
As part of his agreement to bring Oppenheimer to Universal after nearly 20 years of Warner Bros. distribution, Nolan made the decision to make the film available on streaming services more than six months after it opened in theaters.

Using his influence as a director, Nolan has made the most of the theatrical runs of his movies. He forced Universal to spend $200 million on marketing and production, and he pushed for an exclusive three-week run on Imax, with the movie being shown in 70mm in a few theaters.

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