Nvidia Stock Prices Will Jump To $1,000

The latest news on Nvidia stock is it is printing money at this time. On Wall Street, this news is spread like a fire. Everywhere is the curiosity of the stocks keeps on going hotter. Nvidia a chip maker company announced record-breaking fourth-quarter revenues of $22 billion, or 270% more than the previous year, it exceeded investors’ astronomically high expectations.

What Analysts Have To Say About Nvidia Stock?

Analysts were concerned that Nvidia’s AI wave that had been created might fall before the company released its profits because its clients, like Microsoft, Meta, Google, and Amazon, are starting to create their own AI processors and are catching up to their competitors. Due to this caution, the stock saw its worst day in the month on Tuesday.

However, It is back and stronger than before. The stock of the software giant, which has seen a massive increase over the past year, surged 15% on Thursday to reach a record high of $775.

However, some analysts are dubious about whether Nvidia’s golden days will last or if a major collapse similar to the dot-com period will occur. While some analysts increased their forecast more moderately, analysts at Bernstein, Rosenblatt, and KeyBanc lifted their price estimates for the company to $1,000 or higher.

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