No game no life season 1 Plot story and review

No Game No Life is a Japanese adaptation of light novel series which is written by Yu Kamiya and published by media factory under MF. Banko J. in 2013 it was adapted as manga series for Monthly Comic Alive.

It first Premiered on At-X and outside Japan by an American distributor and publisher  Crunchyroll. After the success the first season.The series is ready for the second season.

No Game No Life is highly addictive, extremely captivating, with an excellent plot, an interesting premise, an out-of-this-world setting and highly unique, irreplaceable characters. Sora and his youngest sister Shiro who made an identity of blank an undefeated gamers.

The two siblings who are known as blank gamers because they never fill the blanks  are considered to be the best gamers in the world as they never lose any game. They sent to the another world when they defeat god of chess.

Review of no game no life season 1

No Game No life is what I would call simply a great anime. It delivers everything that most people want. Comedy, Great Characters, Amazing Story that brings you to the edge of your seat with awesomeness every episode, and also just a lot of intelligence.
No game no life
I would say that if you are very Narrow minded (Only like certain types of anime) to not watch this anime but if you have an open mind and love great anime then I would give this one a chance. There isn’t anything wrong with this anime.
The characters are thought out really well and play extremely well into the story. Characters are fun and can be relatable.
There are very few anime that I feel are even worth commenting about much less reviewing. In fact i have been a member of this site for 5 years and this is the first review i have ever written this anime grabbed me by the throat, i got so hooked i watched all of these in one day and am now counting the hours till the next episode comes out.
The story line is amazing and backwards not your typical run of the mill characters they are overpowered from the beginning and still keep this interesting…. I give this anime a 10 out of five and recommend it to everyone on this site.

Will No game no life season 2 release or not

In 2020 Netflix U.S. start streaming the show which is still running on Netflix successfully.The fan are eagerly waiting for the season 2 to release. But there is no confirmation about the series No Game No Life season 2 confirmation from the makers.Fans are crossing their finger and hope that season 2 will stream soon in 2021.

No game no life

This anime No Game No Life is absolutely amazing. Very good story, and very good fan service! This is very entertaining to watch.This is by far one of the best anime series.
Everything about it is unique  the summary seemed similar and in some aspects maybe they are but it’s about two NEET siblings that are reborn in a new world where everything is decided by a game which is a perfect world for them.

No game no life season 2 release date

There is no such confirmation from the makers about the release of the most watched and awaited anime series No Game No  Life season 2. But we still lingered to know when they will be releasing the season 2 and we gathered some information that the production houses are working on the series and planning to release in late 2020 or in mid of 2021. So, keep a check on the updates.

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