Mandiri : A Big Financial Institution Bank

Mandiri is a very big financial institution bank in Indonesia. It provides the best of all the solution for their every customer.This Mandiri Bank is a very large and provide with some very great services to their customers small institution or big institution both.

in 1998, on 2nd October the bank Mandiri was established by acquiring the ownership of the shares capital of four state owned banks. It has large numbers of customers in all over the world and it is the largest bank in Indonesia.The Singapore branch of the bank Mandiri operates under the wholesale banking licence granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Customers can access their account via ATMs in Indonesia as They have arrangement with other banks in Indonesia and they can also access via LINK network. It is the largest foreign exchange with over five overseas branches and seven remittance offices.

Bank also have a branch as Singapore Branch which is among the five overseas banks.Apart from Singapore Mandiri also have branches in Cayman Islands, Dili (Timor Leste), Hong Kong, Shanghai. also has a subsidiary in Landon and 2 subsidiaries in Singapore, whereas 2 remittance office in Hong Kong and 5 offices in Malaysia.

Who owns Mandiri ?

The biggest and strongest supporters  of Indonesia’s industry of banking is Budi Sadikin and also he is the CEO of the State owned Bank and he is formerly a manager at IBM’s Tokyo headquarters.

Awards won by Bank Mandiri

It won the Service Excellence Award not once but 4 times and also The Most Consistent Bank for 2 times. This Mandiri has become the first bank who got more than 90% that is 91.23 percent in survey for the last 15 years. These values are based on the survey in 2011.

The names of Board of Directors

Darmawan Junaidi is the President Directer of the Bank Mandiri and Vice President is Sulaiman Arif Arianto whereas Director of Comsumer and Retail Transaction is Hery Gunardi and the various other directors are Director Manajemen Risiko : Ahmad Siddik Badruddin, Rico Usthavia Frans, Alexandra Askandar, Darmawan Junaidi, Panji Irawan, Agus Dwi Handaya, Silvano Winston Rumantir.

Objectives of the Bank Mandiri


It want to be a leader of all the other banks by collaborating with the other banks and improving the method of transaction and make it easy for the customers.The most important thing is Mandiri provide the financial advice and also securities.

Encouraging the credit growth

This bank always encourage the credit so that it balanced the industrial sector. The bank maintains the credit growth with its positive attitude and also recovery of these credits is quick.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is always the first moto of any bank and for Mandiri it also very important to maintain healthy relation with the customers. It receive feedback from its customer so that it improve its service.

What do you mean by investment?

Investment can be treated as an asset, in order to save money for future purpose investment is done. Saving money or ones income for future is an investment. Now the most important thing is that where to invest so that return will be high.

Why Invest in Mandiri?

This bank  is Investment Management Pte Ltd and it is licences under Monetary authority of Singapore.It is the best place to invest the saving as it provide you with the best return and also provide good relationship with its customers.
Mandiri investors increase day by day,it is the countries most active brokerage and booked almost 11,000 new customers in retail. At present the bank Mandiri has 133,000 customers out of them more than half of the customers booked online. They almost doubled the investment .so, investing in it is a good option.

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