Justine Wilson Age, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth

Justine Wilson also famous as Jennifer Justine Musk holds Canadian nationality and was a popular author. She has written some very good work.

She is also famous as the wife of Elon Musk. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the life and facts of Justin Wilson which we gather from various sources on the internet.

Jennifer Justine Wilson

Justin Wilson also known as Justin Musk was born in Peterborough Ontario, Canada. She spends most of her childhood days in Canada and she also holds Canadian Nationality.

She went to Queen’s University in Kingston and she had a degree in English Literature. Later she moved to Japan and where she taught English as a second language and finally settled in California.

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She is the wife of Elon Musk. They married in 2000 January to Elon Musk. She lost her first child due to sudden infant death syndrome at 10 weeks of age.

In 2004 she was lucky and had given birth to twins and later in 2006 she gave birth to Triplets. After some time news came that Justin Wilson and Elon Musk are separating.

As we all know she is an author she wrote an article published in Maria Claire where she describes that marriage is very unhealthy for eg Elon make fun of her and thinking himself as Alpha in their relationship and he also ignored her.

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In 2010 she claimed to be a model former wife and said she has very good terms with Musk than her wife. He also said that she put her last name Musk for the sake of  their children,

Jennifer Justin Wilson’s Net Worth

Justin Wilson is an author and most of her net worth portion came from there. There are many people saying her net worth is $3  million and more than this but when she took divorced Elon musk her alimony is $80,000 a month in cash. Child support for the next 17 years and also a Tesla roadster includes in the deal.

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