Inside Out 2, The Sequel Hits $900M Worldwide

Inside Out 2 by Disney/Pixar has made $902.9 million in total revenue as of Friday. $429 million comes from the domestic box office, while $473.9 million comes from overseas.

As we have previously stated, the $1 billion milestone is anticipated when we report tomorrow. Inside Out 2 will become the fastest animated film to reach that milestone when the gang does.

On Friday, Inside Out 2, a Disney/Pixar production, surpassed its predecessor’s $859 million global gross with a total of $863.1 million as of Thursday. After only 16 days of release, the follow-up ranked 19th globally among animated films. Inside Out 2 surpassed Frozen to become No. 9 on the all-time domestic animated Top 10 ranking earlier this week, with $411.8M. After adding $16.6M in 45 offshore markets on Saturday, the international box office total through Thursday is $451.3M.

The fact that Inside Out 2 has already outperformed the 2015 original film during its entire worldwide run in such a short amount of time is all the more remarkable given that the first film’s total includes Russia, where Hollywood releases have not been available since early 2022.

Japan was included in the first Inside Out release, but the sequel doesn’t arrive until August 1.

At this pace, after Friday’s data are totaled, Inside Out 2 will soar beyond $900M globally. With Sunday’s numbers taken into account, the blockbuster can surpass the $1 billion milestone, making it the fastest animated film ever to do so.

The addition of additional Zealand to the list of additional international markets. Inside Out 2 debuted at No. 1 and recorded the third-biggest animated launch day ever, the best-ever for Pixar, and the greatest animated debut day ever outside of holidays. It should be a productive weekend.

Top 10 International Market

Mexico ($71.1M), the United Kingdom ($32.9M), Korea ($32.2M), Brazil ($28M), Italy ($26.3M), Germany ($20.1M), Spain ($20M), Argentina ($17M), France ($17M), and China ($15.2M) are the top 10 international markets as of 27 June 2024.

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