How Danger Is The “Dunki” Routes??

What are Dunki’s routes? The latest SRK movie is all about the Dunki route. What is it and why so many people from India are taking this route as we all know the route is full of danger. In this article, we will explore this dunki route what is it, and why people are so eager to take it.

What Are Dunki Routes?

On Social media, many videos are from the jungles of Panama. These videos are mostly posted by Punjabis from India and Pakistan. Watching these videos you can say never take the route, stay in your own country with your family.

The migrants are being tortured and they even die on the way, So why do people continue to take this route and risk their lives for America. Earlier this route was very popular among Punjabis and Haryanvis, this route is now taking its route to Gujrat.

The upcoming movie of SRK Shah Rukh Khan Dunki is the theme of this movie. The movie depicts the story of four men and one girl who take the Dunki route. The movie was released on 21st December. In this movie dunki routes. The Dunki route is an illegal way where migrants get out there country and cross the borders to reach America.

Shahrukh Khan’s Latest Movie Dunki, What Is All About Dunki?

Dunki movie

Shahrukh Khan’s latest movie dunki created a lot of buzz in the audience. It is all about the people who witness the Donkey Routes to fulfill their dream of reaching America, Its routes are popular but it is an illegal route that is taken to reach the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

The story is about people who migrated with the aim of a better life they take this difficult route to reach America. The movie was by Raj Kumar Hirani and also starring Taapsee Pannu, Vickey Kaushal, and Boman Irani.

What Does Dunki Mean?

It as we pronounciate means Donkey, the word originated from Punjab where people say hopping from one place to another. It is a Punjabi idiom. Dunki routes are full of risks involved captured by police, imprisonment, and death.

Shahrukh states the meaning of Dunki in an event in Dubai he says that it is an illegal route that lots of people from Punjab especially to get out of the country. Youngsters in Punjab take this route it is very popular, these people have to travel by foot for days without food through forests, rivers, and seas and avoid the authorities. There are a lot of risks involved.

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There are many Indians who have taken this route and many criminals have also taken this route.

According To The USCBP Report

According to the US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP), India is the fifth number, the largest source of migrants entering the US border. according to the report, it is 96,917 Indians that were caught illegally entering the US border from October 2022 to September 2023. Out of this number 30,010 were caught at the Canada border and 41,770 caught at the Mexico border.

According to the report most of the people caught are from Gujrat and Punjab. Can you imagine how people illegally enter the US and Canada from India in search of a better standard of living? It is better to live in your country with your family and try to work here. Family is the biggest strength.

Many people who migrated to the West found better social, economic, and even political conditions which built the desire in other people to settle in the West. The number of immigrants in the US, UK, and Canada has increased so much in Canada that in 2015 Punjabi became the third-largest spoken language in the Parliament of Canada.

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