Ewa Beach : Popular Census Designated Place

Ewa beach is a census designated place. The beach is in Honolulu along the coast of Mamala Bay. According to the census of 2010 population of that area is 14955.

Geographical Area

Beach location is at North it is 21°18’56” and on west it is 158°0’26”. The main way for the Beach is Fort Weaver Road,.This area connects to Farrington Highway and Hi freeway.

Ewa beach

The total area is 1.9 square miles of which 1.4 square miles and water is 0.4 square miles. So the total area is 24.06%  in Pacific Ocean. Census Designated Place does not include Ewa Gentry, Iroquois Point and Ocean Point all these places includes within the postal area. The Postal code for this Beach is 96706.

Staying In Ewa Beach

Ewa beach

This Beach is good for small families. Oahu has become the reason of why sugarcane plantation decrease because of the need of the house for living as Oahu face shortage of housing problem. also because production of sugarcane has sifted to overseas so the housing developer had taken the advantage of it and built a house over here in Ewa.

Ewa beach

When we considered the report of KITV.com it is said that more than 6000 houses were built in this Beach during 2010 till 2016, and it is expected that it may built 31,000 house more in next 20 years.

Whether In Eva Beach

Ewa beach is beautiful and in any time in the year it is beautiful, you can enjoy swimming here from April to December and the temperature ranges from 77°F to 84°F also with some rain might disturb you on sunny day.

The hotter beach the name given to Eva beach and drier than areas of Oahu. The entire world the temperature ranges from 66 to 88 degree Fahrenheit and the end of January the coolest day of the year.with low 66 and high 80 degree. From October to March it rains there and this is the 16% of those rainy months that rains happens.

During December beach is muggy and humid follows till January and February. Clear sky are experience by the beach often and minimal clouds and breeze blowing from the Ocean the windy day is considered in July. Sunny days solar panels and water heater made you stay here.

How Far The Beach From Honolulu?

Honolulu is 20 miles away to the east. From H-1 freeway it will take upto 35 minutes to reach the downtown. If you try tor reach there in peak hours than it will take more than two hours and it might be frustrating for some of you try to avoid during this time.

Beautiful Ewa Beach

The name Eva derived  from ancient Hawaiian language where Ewa means strayed, it tells about 2 Gods Kane and Kanaloa, There was story attached with that when they traveled Oahu they throw stone to mark the boundaries of land division. Where ever the stone fell it divide the border but they were not able to find the stone they drop that why they named the play Ewa meaning strayed for those stones which they do not find.

So, Ewa beach is place to hang out with family and friends it a common place to relax and roam around. There are community Park in Ewa Beach which is old grassy park and located beside the shore.

In the park you can have activity games such as basketball, volleyball and tennis. There were also play ground for children, picnic area. People takes a walk there with their pet like dogs. You will feel lucky yourself if you see the sunset here it is one of the beautiful sight. The place is perfect for any vacation to enjoy and give some quality time to your family with Ewa beach.

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