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Teacher Jobs are very reputed profession. They are most important person in our society they mold are children and show them right direction. In India teachers are considered equal to God. Teacher job is to teach our children who become the future of our country.

Teacher jobs are profession which is divided into many other parts of specialization. Teacher jobs are based on the skill required for the particular subject. Major areas of teacher job are nursery school, middle school, high school and inter. After Inter or courses after 12th there are teacher job for universities or colleges which required some special degree, certificate or knowledge.

Eligibility for Teacher jobs Career in India

Teacher jobs are highly specialized job which require to be expertise in the particular field or subjects related. Somewhat people think is a very simple and easy job to be but is that really so. It is believe that anyone can teach but should have good skill of communication and skill and ability to handle the every type of student because every child is different. Click Here – Courses after 12th

In order to become a teacher and take up a teacher job as profession one should have a degree in B.Ed that is Bachelor in Education. In our country there are many colleges that provide a degree in B.Ed regular and correspondence too. There is also an option after B.Ed is M.Ed after which you will become a professional teacher  training and become a teacher. You can select the subject of your choice in which you want to become a teacher.

There is also an option of BTC and TTC that is Basic training Certificate and Teachers Training Certificate and can also do Diploma in Education D.Ed these are the certificate helps you become a teacher and get teacher jobs.

In case you want to be a Physical trainer or gamer or Fitness you also require a diploma or certificate in teacher jobs. CTET that is Central Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by the CBSE for teacher job for classes 1 to 8th.

If any one want to plan to be a lecturer or teaching in university can do M.Phil or Ph.D in subjects of your choice you will become specialist in your field. One more thing you have to remember that you have to clear NET.

Role and Responsibility Played by Teacher

Role and responsibility of a teacher is very complicated and it is not at all an easy task as most of the people think. The role played by teacher and responsibility he/she holds depends upon the school and subject taught by the teacher. A primary teacher responsibility is slightly different as compare to the middle school teacher jobs.

Primary teacher or nursery teacher job is different and more challenging to encourage the small children to understand things and encouraging the children to work on their imagination.

The duties of a teacher

1. One of the most important factor of teaching is planning before teaching preparing yourself with every question that may be asked by the student.

2. Encouraging students in every way to participate in every lesson that come forward for the implementation and development of the students skill.

3.  Work for the development of the school also.

4. Keep an eye on the students behavior and show them the right path.

5. In order for the smooth functioning of the school management a good teacher always takes part in the staff, meeting and also give them their suggestions.

6. It is very important for a teacher to meet the parents and show them their children progress in the school.

7. A good teacher never miss an opportunities to uplift and encourage their students and guide to right direction.


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