Bridgerton Season 3 Finale, Two Leads Were Introduced

With its Season Three finale, the Regency romance blockbuster “Bridgerton” fulfilled one of the greatest dreams of its fans.

Although there are LGBTQ+ minor characters in “Bridgerton,” the Bridgerton siblings all appear to be seeking heterosexual relationships up to Season Three.

Benedict Bridgerton, Henry Granville’s second son, is welcomed into the art world in Season One. However, Benedict continued to have casual relationships with women during the first two seasons of the show, suggesting that their apparent flirtation was in vain.

The 2023 prequel series “Queen Charlotte,” which chronicles Queen Charlotte’s romance with King George III, focused on her butler, Brimsley, and his connection to Reynolds, George’s attendant. Fans’ expectations for a significant LGBT plot in “Bridgerton” were raised by their love story.

However, “Bridgerton” Season Three’s second installment, which debuted on Netflix on June 13, has brought queer love closer to the big screen, ostensibly proving that not one, but both Bridgerton brothers will eventually fall in love.

The Two Characters Were Benedict And Francesca In Bridgerton

In “Bridgerton,” the last two episodes of Season Three debuted two characters that appeared to be gay: Francesca (Hannah Dodd) and Benedict (Luke Thompson), who viewers have long assumed to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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