Andrew Garfield Height, Weight, Age

Andrew Garfield Height height, weight, and age are all you need to know about the American actor. Best known for his performance in the movie The Amazing Spider-man, Hacksaw Ridge, and  Silence. Won many awards, know more such interesting facts about the star. keep reading to know his Height, weight, and more.

Who Is Andrew Russell Garfield ?

Andrew Garfield Height

Born to a British mother and American father on 20 August 1983. His parents are Lynn and Richard Garfield. He is of mixed Jewish and English heritage. He belongs to a middle-class family and his parents moved to Surrey UK when he was small.

Andrew Garfield Height

He rose to fame after playing the most popular Hollywood movie The Amazing Spider-man as Peter Parker. For his performance, he received many awards including Tony Award, Golden Globe Award, and British Academy Award.

Andrew Garfield Height, Weight, And Age

Andrew Garfield Height

He was an American actor born on 20 August 1983 to a middle-class family. He shifted to Surrey UK when he was 3. He was a theater artist Andrew started his Hollywood career in 2007 with Lions for Lambs. He gain recombination from the Spider-man franchise, The Amazing Spider-man in 2012. He was also lucky to work in the historical drama Hacksaw Ridge and Silence. He was nominated for Oscar for the same and received many awards he won the best actor award at the Global Globe and BAFTA Awards.


His height is 5 ft 11 inches tallest of all spider man.

Andrew Garfield Weight

In Kilograms, it is 74 kg and in Pounds, it is  163.14 lbs

Andrew Garfield Age 

He was born on 20 August 1983 at present he is 28 in 2022.


Andrew Garfield Spiderman was born on 20 August 1983 in California. His parents and his grandparents are from the UK. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was 3. He was raised in Surrey. His family is migrants from Poland Russia and Romania. His Surname spelling originally was Garfinkel.

Interior design business is what his parents did as well his mother was a teaching assistant in a Nursery school and his father is also a coach at the Swimming club. During his early days, Andrew is a gymnast and a swimmer and his aim is to attend business school eventually when he was 16 years of age he started taking interest in acting when one of his friends ask him to join the theater.


He attended the Priory Preparatory School in Banstead and later he joined the City Of London Freemen’s School In Ashtead.

 Unknown Facts About Andrew Garfield

His real accent of speaking is British but being Spider-man he speaks in an American accent. When his fans listen to his real British accent at the Academy Award in 2017.

Andrew’s roots are from Poland, Russia, and Romania, and his family is Jewish but he is an agnostic pantheist.

He almost went on the path to becoming a businessman when he was young he was a gymnast and swimmer and his father is also a swimming coach at Guildford Swimming club. His brother went on to become a doctor. But finality went he was 16 he started an interest in acting otherwise we will lose The Amazing Spiderman.

Andrew won the Tony Awards and also get nominations for an Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA Awards. He won Tony Award for the movie Angels in America and dedicated the award to LGBTQ Community.

He gave his personal life very private he gave interviews but never disclose about personal life.

As a child he worshiped superheroes and being a Spiderman and wearing a Spiderman suit made him very emotional he once told this fact in an interview.

He is a very dedicated person towards his work he did his work with all his passion and did justice to most of his roles.

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