What is Know Thyself??

Know thyself as the meaning suggest mean know ones own self. Know thyself is a statement which is engraved outside temples in Delphi (Dedicated to Greek God an ancient religious Sanctuary).

Know Thyself is important because knowing oneself is the most important thing if you don’t know yourself you will never succeed in life.It is first and most important thing. By knowing yourself you will know your limitations your needs your liking and disliking of things.

If you know your plus points you will never loose and most important if you know your negative points know one will beat you if you control your behavior. Everything in life is depends upon the one thing that is what you are ? and who you are? if you known thyself you will get the answer to these questions.

Centuries passed and Delphi statement seems like unconscious and again it seems that if know your liking and disliking, desire and wants, your intentions and your beliefs you will improve yourself.

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If you closely considered the orders of the Delphi you will come to know that it is not just about yourself when you considered the points of Delphi injunction it seems to you that is create some distance between every objects and one self is not just himself but also it is an object for everyone to know and make better meaning.

In real one nature whether conscious or unconscious let it be and the object which is different and i call it third personal self knowledge. This is considered by those who minded person who work hard to achieve but there is no guarantee to success. In real sense they are like those who in order to gain knowledge from other person mind so these knowledge give us knowledge.

These third person self knowledge helps us improve our self.,which is attained by hard ship. These are some valuable knowledge and are truth opener depending on those knowledge we can take the right decision in life.

Know thyself ?? Do you

This is the most asked question and it is very annoying also. What is this stupid question know thyself ? Of course everyone know thyself. I know myself who am I and what am i doing. I am speaking about myself that i Know myself well my likes and dislike  and i know my true personality.

But the question do you know really who keeps you going through all your ups and downs, or we are ignoring something. One thing is that every human has a limit of knowing thyself if you came to know this limit you got your answer. Psychologically and philosophically that are something which is still not known.

This is all because you don’t know how other see you and feel for you till a certain limit. So we can not learn about our self to the fullest because we actually don’t know about the other person thought. We can not learn about other perceptive of our-self.

The main point is that we don’t know the limit of knowing our self. What you believe in yourself might not true and sometimes you fell wrong. You are not right in every point this concepts shows that you don’t know thyself fully. But if you realize these points this is makes you quite clear that you are close to known thyself.

Known thyself is something which is never clear and never fully achieved. However this will not stop anyone from thinking and achieving the desired goal. Always introspect yourself whether you get the right answer or wrong, that will not stop you from thinking and one day you will get the desire answer.

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